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How has Dallas performed month by month?

A look into the past three years of FCD's month by month performance

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As many people have noticed, the 2015 schedule looks to be a rather challenging one, especially with that five road game stretch from the end of May to end of June. For FC Dallas fans that's concerning for many reasons; one that Dallas hasn't been a strong road team as of late and historically that time frame has been Dallas' weakest in terms of accumulating points as of late. I took some time to look over the past three season's results and came up with the following data:

March April May June July August September October
2014 10/12 6/12 2/21 5/9 7/9 12/15 6/12 6/12
2013 9/12 8/12 7/12 3/12 2/12 5/15 3/12 4/12
2012 4/12 8/15 1/9 1/6 8/18 10/12 5/9 2/9
Total 23/36 22/39 10/42 9/27 17/39 27/42 14/33 12/33
Avg 7.7 7.3 3.3 3 5.7 9 4.7 4

The first number indicates points earned and the second represents the number of possible points. So for March 2014, Dallas earned 10 points of 12 for the month.

Obviously the past is not an indicator for the future as there have been player changes, coaching changes and the opponents are different but the noticeable dip in wins for the months of May and June is concerning. The onus now is for Dallas to grab as many points as possible before that five away game stretch, where FCD sees seven home games out of the first 11 matches.

The other concerning aspect of Dallas' month by month history is the tendency for the team to drop points in October. This is of bigger importance this year as FCD will have five matches in October for a possible 15 points, all against Western Conference opponents (Houston, Vancouver twice, Real Salt Lake and San Jose) where three out of the four teams could realistically be challenging Dallas for a playoff spot.

Of course this doesn't mean things will be bad in 2015. Dallas and its fans have established Toyota Stadium to be a very difficult place to play in, and if Dallas can stay healthy there is reason to be very optimistic for the upcoming season with their young crop of talented players in Mauro Diaz, Tesho Akindele, Fabian Castillo, Victor Ulloa, Kellyn Acosta and Moises Hernandez.