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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now that the schedules are out, it is time to plan for 2015.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was certainly a wild one across MLS with the news in New York about Mike Petke and then the schedules being released. Fun how things go once January really kicks into high gear. Lets get into some headlines to get this day started.

// FC Dallas //

Breaking down the 2015 schedule |

Rivalries, Fridays and maybe Lampard. Yeah, the home slate is a good one for the most part.

// MLS //

Must-watch games through April |

The folks at the league's website picked out a week four match between FCD and Seattle as one of the games to watch in the early part of the season. I can't say I disagree with that at all, it will be a big one.

How LA can add Gerrard to their lineup |

Here is a pretty nice breakdown of how well Steven Gerrard will fit in out west for LA.

Red Bulls replace Petke with Marsch |

Boy, yesterday made me glad I was not a Red Bull supporter. To ditch arguably the best manager in club history for a guy that had one bad year of head coaching in MLS under his belt (it was an expansion team but still), is crazy town. My gut tells me there is more to this whole shake up than what we're seeing so far.

Petke's classy goodbye | Once a Metro

I will say this though, Mike Petke is a class act.

Are the Red Bulls for sale? | Once a Metro

The are they in or are they out game with the Red Bulls is probably going to be a big story to watch in the coming year. This report says the owners are looking to sale while I heard talks yesterday that they're completely dedicated to MLS. So it all comes down to how the wind is blowing and who you talk to.

Portland, Toronto and New York interested in Jozy | Stars and Stripes FC

I felt this would be the year that Jozy Altidore returned to MLS and now we know who is in line to get him. A lot could depend on that CBA and how it shakes out. Then again a lot could depend on who just wants to pony up the cash at this point to get him.

New York also interested in Kljestan |

Though if the Red Bulls land Jozy and Sasha, all may be forgiven for at least a day.

What we learned from the Carlos Salcedo transfer | RSL Soapbox

It is starting to look like transfers from MLS to Liga MX are starting to get very contested on both sides. Crazy to think that in recent memory, the Richard Sanchez transfer, as odd as it appeared was probably the least contested when you stack it up against this one and Camilo.

MLS confident on getting a new CBA done on time |

While the news was breaking about Petke, Jozy and the schedules yesterday, this little nugget of CBA goodness also dropped.

MLS announcement in Miami coming soon | Southern Legion

Wait, what? This one too snuck in under the radar.

Whew, that is it for now. Yesterday was a busy day but that is probably how these things will get from here on out. What do you all have today?