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Looking at the months ahead for FC Dallas in 2015

Just how difficult could things get this season for FC Dallas?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the smell of a new schedule. Always a lot of hope and promise that comes with it. We now know the whens, the wheres and hopefully we'll be able to see plenty of Ws.

So how tough is this schedule going to be this season for FC Dallas? We know all too well of the months of the season in the past where the club goes on a dry spell. Same goes on the opposite end where they are red-hot. Here are some initial notes that I gathers when looking at the schedule today after it was released:

Home favors

As we come to expect, or at least I have, FC Dallas has a slew of early home games to start the season. Five out of the first eight this season are at Toyota Stadium, with a couple of those games being back-to-back home games. We really didn't see a ton of those last year so that will be a change to get used to.

Later on in July the club is also home for three out of the four games in the month with two Eastern Conference sides coming into town.

Closing out the year with three out of the last five at home is nice though. Not to mention against those four clubs - RSL, Vancouver (twice), Houston, and San Jose - that is a winnable stretch if there ever was one to end the year.

Tough road months

Just at a general glance, June, September and May could be rough for FCD. May has typically been a tough month over the last couple of seasons for FCD but thankfully there are only five games this time around instead of seven like last season. There are two rivalry games in that month, both on the road in Houston and Kansas City. The trip to Montreal is always tricky as well.

June and September are just rough with both having three out of the four games on the road.

But lets talk about that five game road trip between May and June. Who comes up with this sort of stuff? At Montreal, Kansas City, San Jose, Seattle and then Colorado. That is a rough stretch if there ever was one. (Note: The usual Jimmy Buffett concert is one of those weekends, along with the Nitro Circus and the Gold Cup match)

By the date

The majority of the games are still on Saturdays this season with nine coming on Fridays (get used to that), five on Sundays and two (late October) games on Wednesdays.

More rivalries!

Adding the Houston Dynamo and Sporting KC to the Western Conference meant more games with those two clubs. Which is great for FCD and its fans.

FCD will get Houston twice at home and once on the road. There is always the possibility of a meeting in the USOC like the last couple of seasons too. Plenty of time to get the hatred up for those in Houston.

FCD will get Sporting once at home and twice on the road. Not ideal but not horrible at the same time.

Lets also not forget the games with rivals like Columbus (on the road in September), Chicago (on the road in August) and the three meetings with Colorado (one home, two away).

More exposure

Without going through the past years, right now FCD has 13 games on national TV thanks to the new TV deal. The majority of them are on UniMas or Univision Deportes, with only four coming on English TV stations (ESPN2 or Fox Sports 1).

The big question I'm sure you all are asking is what about the local TV? Will it be Time Warner again? Or something better? We're not sure yet what that will look like but I'm told we should know something by during preseason.