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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 6, 2014

The crazy month ahead is starting to take shape.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It is always interesting how things really kick into a different gear after the new year begins in MLS. A few weeks of slowness followed by a flurry of news, updates and everything else in between. Lets get into some headlines to discuss what is going on.

// FC Dallas //

Acosta ready to lead by example |

We touched on Kellyn Acosta becoming the US U-20 captain yesterday evening. FCD's website got a nice interview with him to discuss the qualifiers.

// MLS //

MLS signs eight seniors |

One of them is indeed Boyd Okwuono, which I have been told he was no longer in the FCD Homegrown pool for a while now. Apparently he asked to have that tag removed.

Espinoza is heading back to Sporting KC |

I could have sworn SKC got money for him when he left two years ago but I guess it was a free transfer and they did the whole bona fide offer thingy that keeps his player rights. SKC is crafty like that (see Gomez, Herculez).

MacMath heading to Colorado? | Brotherly Game

Maybe Philly will finally unload a keeper or two this winter. Zac MacMath always looked to be the first one out and Colorado looks like a decent landing spot for him.

Higuain signs largest DP deal in Crew history | Massive Report

Bully on Columbus to get this deal done this winter.

The secret lives of MLS mascots | Soccer Gods

I wonder what the guy/gal that runs around in the Tex Hooper suit thinks of this.

ESPN soon to be available to stream online for $20 |

I'm not sure I'll be cutting the cord in this manner just yet. I do have a feeling that more networks are going to follow this path eventually, which if you add $5 here, $10 there, $20 there, that will eventually look like a current cable bill.

That will be it for this morning. Anything good going on in your neck of the woods?