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FC Dallas opts not to sign Boyd Okwuono to a Homegrown deal

Well bummer.

UNC Athletics

In a small way I guess the tea leaves were going pan out this way. Back before Christmas I had some conversations with a couple of sources of mine both around FC Dallas and in the college game that suggested FCD may opt to skip out on any HGP signings this winter.

It turns according to, FC Dallas has passed on signing UNC defender Boyd Okwuono to a HGP deal. Okwuono has already signed a senior contract with MLS, meaning he will not be in a FCD uniform unless the club elects to pick him in the draft.

The former U.S. Under-20 national team defender is one of the more experienced and polished prospects in the draft. Projects as a right back, though he has played his share of central defense. Passed over for a Homegrown Player deal by FC Dallas, which is already loaded with homegrown players, but Okwuonu should still be a first-round pick. Has signed an MLS senior contract.

In some ways this shouldn't be too much of a shock as Okwuono was announced to the MLS Combine last month, which opened the door for this sort of thing to happen.

As disappoint as this all sounds, he would likely have been down on the depth chart in 2015 behind almost all the defenders currently on the roster. Yes the team needs depth in the back but Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja seem intent on bringing in foreign talent this winter to stock up the depth instead of going with another young Homegrown player.