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Big D Daily: News for Monday, January 5, 2015

The first full week of the new year is upon us.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The holiday season is over now that we are in the first full week of January. In a small way the craziness of the offseason is really about to begin with more drafts on the horizon, trades, and of course transfers. Loads of fun ahead but lets get into some links that may have been missed over the weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Jesse Gonzalez heads to El Tri camp |

The Homegrown keeper is in Mexico for the U-20s, definitely another young player to keep an eye out on this year.

// MLS //

Garber on NYCFC and Lampard |

Naturally Don Garber says the things you'd expect him to say in a situation like this. I believe though deep down he and the other owners aren't too pleased at how this whole Frank Lampard thing is shaking out.

They lied. | Hudson River Blue

Boy, the fans of NYCFC are pissed. And rightfully so.

Steven Gerrard set to join LA in the summer |

Some pretty fascinating news over the weekend about Stevie G joining the Galaxy this summer.

But where does Gerrard fit? | LAG Confidential

As cool as it will be to see someone like Gerrard in MLS, I can't help but wonder what he will bring and where he will actually fit in Bruce Arena's lineup. Then again, Arena made it work with David Beckham all those years, so why can't he make it work with Gerrard?

Picking the Atlanta expansion club name |

Boy that is a pretty bad list of names that the supporters are coming up with.

LAFC's names, colors, etc coming soon | The Goat Parade

Atlanta's 2017 expansion mates are going to be revealing their branding and everything here pretty soon this year. Makes sense for both of these sides to get this sort of thing out of the way in the early part of this year.

Morris rejects Sounders HGP bid to stay in school | Stars and Stripes FC

Not that Seattle actually needs Jordan Morris next year but it is interesting seeing how many younger players in college are planning on staying in school for another year. I think most are waiting to see how this whole deal with the USL PRO shakes out too.

Beckham announces more locations in Miami | El Nuevo Herald

Maybe one of these will stick. More than likely none of them will.

Plus-minus stat in MLS | American Soccer Analysis

I love a good stat, but maybe I need to spend more time caring about this sort of thing.

Alright, that looks to be a good start for the day folks. What do you have going on today?