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Projecting the Draft: Top center midfield options in the 2015 SuperDraft

Could FC Dallas look at adding more depth to the center of the midfield in this draft?

UCLA Athletics

Time to continue on with our look at this month's SuperDraft with some of the top center midfield options in the draft.

The talent in the center of the park is pretty solid in this draft with a few names that could land at number 19 to FC Dallas. Most of the guys that we're going to look at today are either defensive midfielders by nature or guys that man the middle of the field and be a box-to-box type guy.

(Also, get ready for more incredibly bad highlight video music.)

Cristan Roldan (Washington) - He is likely going to be one of the few Generation adidas prospects in this draft, which likely means there isn't a big chance that he will land at number 19 to FCD. But given Fernando Clavijo's and Oscar Pareja's draft history, the two could make some moves to move up to snag a guy like Roldan who is extremely versatile and can break down the attack. If need be he can also contribute a lot into the attack as well.

Leo Stolz (UCLA) - We previewed him last year around this time when he was projected to be a GA signing. That never materialized as he went back for his senior season. Stolz would be one heck of a get at number 19, which to be honest is very possible given the history of this draft, good players like Stolz fall all the time in the first round since they aren't GAs. Stolz is a guy that is a bit more attacking minded but would be a solid option to have behind Mauro Diaz.

Nick Besler (Notre Dame) - Yes, this is the brother of Matt Besler and there is a lot of folks wanting him to land in KC. What I like about Besler is he isn't a flashy player in the middle of the park. In a small way, he is similar to Victor Ulloa in that he just gets things done. He is a little more of a defensive midfielder by nature too, and his range on the field is better than most at his age.

Fatai Alashe (Michigan State) - Another player that is very versatile in that he can play defensive midfield or center back, something that Pareja would probably be fine getting his hands on. He is a workhorse type player in the middle of the park, and is probably the best defensive midfielder in this pool.

Dan Metzger (Maryland) - He was a fairly highly regarded recruit going into college and now that his Homegrown claim isn't valid with the Red Bulls, he'll be available for this draft. Metzger is a smart center midfielder that finds the ball well and tends to make smart passes when under pressure.

Eric Bird (Virginia) - Bird is a very skilled midfielder that would be a pretty solid get late in the first round. He was more of an attacking type player in the college game but at the MLS level he is projected to be more of a linking-type midfielder as he does well at reading the game and spraying the ball around.