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Searching for the next Designated Player for FC Dallas

Who knows? Here's some ideas.

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We received a lot of excellent feedback from the hive mind regarding the roster build going into the new season. Some wanted a big splash...even suggesting it was necessary to squad balance and overall team quality. Others were more finicky. Why break the bank unless the signing brought a clear upgrade to the club? HSG, despite their survey, decided to kick the tires on a possibility last week which raised more than a few hackles. What in the world are we going to do now? The partisans were passionate, learned, and due a beer from this intrepid reporter.

@stathunting compared the club's model and strategy to that of Real Salt Lake, and it's a pretty apt comparison.  Every year I want to write off RSL, and even now less Kreis and Lagerway, I will not have the courage to do it. Despite playing in a market 1/3 the size of DFW, Salt Lake has the superior pedigree, and perhaps more importantly, better attendance. It's a dream of mine that many in LA will feel the same way about FC Dallas in 5 years.

@luetchy10 won effusive praise for comparing us to Portuguese power Porto with his comments on overall squad composition and development. How much will RSL fade minus Lagerway and Kreis? Will FCD manage to keep Pareja long term and become a perennial power in the Western Conference on the cheap?

The wisely untwittered Nathan cites the angst of many closer to Dallas proper: how relevant is the club that plays its matches perilously close to the exurbs? How does this affect potential recruits who have cut their teeth playing in Munich, Paris, London, Barcelona...even Istanbul? How jarring is it to a worldly professional to consider plying his craft in a town boasting IKEA as its most impressive landmark? How much would recruitment (and attendance) be bolstered by a stadium closer to downtown Dallas?

All told, there were pragmatists. There were diehard fans who thought the club owed its supporters a splashy signing. There were partisans who want caviar on a sardine budget. The bulk of the commentary seemed to match the voting, but let us try and court the vote of the '47 percent' by picking a DP for Frisco Club Dallas for 2015.

I will go ahead and eliminate keepers from this exercise; we seem to be good there. We could use some defensive depth, but I have a feeling FC Dallas won't splurge to address that. I cannot see the club making a move for a striker. Blas Perez is established, Tesho is on the rise, and Fernando Clavijo is a big believer in David Texeira. For the purpose of this hypothetical, I will throw out an option on another central mid and an option for an inverted winger to pair with Fabian Castillo.

Despite some good suggestions in the comments (one of whom the rumors have already peaked and been summarily dismissed by Fernando Clavijo), I am going to strike out on my own to make a couple of suggestions.

Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira.

You probably know him as that Anderson. Anderson made the move from Porto to Manchester United seven years ago and never quite stuck. He's a two-way midfielder who could be heading into his prime. You might like a little more bite to his game, but the creativity he provides in the middle (not to mention his strength) would do a whole lot to take the pressure off of Mauro Diaz this year. He's rumored to be headed home to Gremio in Porto Alegre, but maybe we could lure him to tranquil cowboy country north of the equator for around $2 million US. I think Pareja could make this guy into a fan favorite in no time.

My winger want list started with Arjen Robben. He's starting to get up there, and there are a ton of expat Dutch dairy farmers in Texas, but it isn't going to happen. Then I zeroed in on Douglas Costa one of six Brazilians who initially refused to return to Shakhtar Donestk due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. If you look at this guys highlights and level of performance over the last 2 years, you would be giddy. He would take the Hoops attack to another level beyond the next. The problem is that he'll cost you $50 million bucks. No, really.

Fortunately, one of my wishes from the USMNT game last night was realized. Mark González was a revelation to me last night. He's got good speed, he's left-footed, and he's had a pretty solid career in Chile and Spain with a few less than stellar tours in England and Russia. He's got 6 goals in 49 caps with the Chilean National Team and has only recently signed back in Chile for Universidad de Catolica after playing their on loan from CSKA Moscow.

I think this guy would pair up nicely with Fabian Castillo and the flanks would belong to FC Dallas in almost every game they play this year. I'm guessing he couldn't come until this Summer as well, begging the question, would $10-$15 million on Mark be a worthwhile investment for what would probably be a 2 and a half year contract?

The Durban-born winger turns 31 in July, and he has rarely made it through a season without missing a few games for injury, but the pedigree is good, and he won't totally break the bank. Would Mark come to Dallas? Have a better idea? Do you think it's paying too much for a short-term investment with too many questions? Hope Mark Cuban buys the team and immediately rescues Douglas Costa? Let's hear from the hive.