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FC Dallas technical director shoots down Michael Essien rumors

Nothing like an outright denial of a rumor.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

This is why they call it the silly season. Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News caught up with FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo to discuss a few matters, one being the Michael Essien rumor that floated around briefly last week. It turns out, according to Clavijo the club never made an offer to the Ghanian international.

"No, it's not accurate. No, it's not at all," Clavijo told the Morning News when asked about the Essien rumors. "We know Michael Essien of course. Everybody knows him, but we didn't offer anything at all."

It is interesting to find this out considering Essien's agent said they were in talks with the league and that Essien turned down the club's offer. But hey, rumors are rumors after all.

We did get a little more detail on what Clavijo and company have been scouting this offseason though. The report states that Clavijo just returned from a scouting trip to Uruguay for the 2015 CONMEBOL U-20 Championship, and FC Dallas also scouted the recently completed CONCACAF U-20 tournament in Jamaica.

Big D Soccer sources indicate that the club is actively searching out for a left-footed winger to replace Andres Escobar on the roster. This player could be a Designated Player-level player too.