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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 27, 2015

FCD's preseason schedule is rounding into form with games against Orlando City and San Antonio.

FC Dallas/Olivia Bresta

The final week of January is going by here with no snow unlike up in the Northeast (sorry guys, stay warm!). We will dive into some preseason things but first lets do some morning headlines.

// FC Dallas //

In pursuit of a spot |

The FCD rookies are working hard to gain a spot on the club's roster. First round pick Otis Earle is almost guaranteed a spot with the fact that he signed a senior contract before the SuperDraft.

// MLS //

Possible player strike is dominating the preseason |

I haven't been able to ask any FCD players yet but you got to believe this is weighing on everyone right now. And it will likely only continue to weigh on everyone until it is resolved.

Juan Agudelo set to re-join New England |

I had a gut feeling Agudelo would be coming back to MLS this year, New England retained his rights due to the whole bona fide offer thing for those curious.

Nagbe ready to lead Timbers in 2015 |

Hard to believe he is a matter of months away form being USMNT eligible. I hope he has a better year in 2015 than he did in 2014 (except when he plays FCD of course).

Gilberto half a world away | Waking the Red

Up north, DP forward Gilberto isn't at Toronto training camp. This begs the question as to when they will unload him and for how much.

Former TFC defender is bullish on MLS's future |

Nice words all around from a guy that did okay in this league.

Atlanta up to 17k in seats reserved | AJC

Uh, wow. That my friends is a lot of reserved seats that will translate into season tickets by 2017 with the way they are going about things. Good for them. I know people aren't high on this town as a soccer city but believe me, everyone I know that lives there or comes from there says that a MLS team will take that town by storm.

Inter Milan could loan players to DCU | Black and Red United

Well then, I'm a tad surprised it hasn't happened yet with this bunch but DCU is being a little frugal these days with the stadium under works. It also brings up the thought that FCD hasn't really done anything with a partner club these last couple of years. I remember when that was all the rage in MLS about 10 years ago.

Alright that appears to be it for now. What do you all have going on today?