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Is the Advocare logo changing on the FC Dallas jerseys in 2015?

Training gear suggest a new logo on the jersey this year?

FC Dallas Twitter

Friday was the start of the 2015 preseason for FC Dallas. As you might expect, the club was tweeting out photos of players and coaches running around with smiles on their faces as the new year begins. But when you look closer at the gear the players and coaches are wearing, something seems a little different.

As you see the Advocare logo is a bit different on this year's training equipment. No longer is it the large 'A' graphic but instead a more subtle word-mark instead.

Does this mean the 2015 jerseys will have the same Advocare logo on them? It is quite possible that they will though there was no confirmation on the matter from the club. Hopefully this is the direction that the club is going to get with their jersey sponsor. The large 'A' logo has been quite an eyesore for most of us these last couple of years.

What do you all think? Is this going to be a welcome change if it happens?