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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 23, 2015

So the preseason actually starts today!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We were duped a bit yesterday in telling you all that the preseason for FC Dallas started on Thursday, instead it starts this morning up in Frisco. Should anything of note come out of the first day, we will bring it to you. Until then lets get into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD preseason roster revealed |

No shockers here on the preseason camp roster. New players, draft picks all are accounted for here.

// MLS //

Is Giovinco a number 10? |

Lots of folks love the thought of Sebastian Giovinco in MLS. So I would imagine we'll see plenty of articles just like this for the majority of this year.

Why Giovinco is worth the money |

Yep, another post on the guy. Some either really hate that Toronto spent big on him or some like this article believe it was justified.

Agudelo weighing offers from 1860 Munich | Stars and Stripes FC

Remember Juan Agudelo? Yeah, he is still trying to find a home in Europe. I think the under/over on a MLS return for him is about a year.

Sounders still chasing a Norwegian center back | Sounder at Heart

Man, the Sounders have been after this guy since Christmas.

United face tall task in CCL |

For some reason, I could see DCU winning this thing. I really could.

MLS must adopt free agency to reach lofty goals | American Soccer Now

A very interesting argument that the league would be better off with free agency. Part of me understands MLS's stance on this subject but on the other hand I totally agree that doing something this drastic will help elevate the game here. It may not be over night but it will happen.

MLS proposal to players doesn't include free agency |

Well then, it looks like things may get off to a bump start. Sounds like right now, the two sides are indeed very far apart.

Kevin Payne looks to shake up the US club scene | Top Drawer Soccer

And by club scene I mean development for young players at the club level.

US U-20s play El Salvador with spot on the line for U-20 World Cup |

It hasn't been the best of tournaments for the US but at least they are 90 minutes away form going to the World Cup again.

Alright, that is all that I have for today, what say you? Excited about preseason camp opening up today?