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Should FC Dallas make a run for Gilberto?

Actually, maybe... and on one condition...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I realize that Dallas just completed a trade with Toronto FC, so a trade between these two teams again in the same off season is about as likely as MLS is to explain the allocation money, allocation order and anything allocation related to the general public. That being said though, why not explore the possibility here? FC Dallas could use another out and out striker and with the current CBA, Toronto needs to offload Gilberto to free up a DP spot for Jozy Altidore. [That is unless the new CBA has a fourth DP slot.]

The Comparison


Overall, not bad from a 25 year old striker in his first season in MLS. Granted his DP tag does make you want and expect more, but his overall statistics weren't so bad. His key passes are an improvement over Blas Perez and Tesho Akindele, and with Mauro Diaz and Fabian Castillo also on the field, getting the ball to them for a shot on goal is a good thing. He's also pretty good at drawing fouls and with Diaz and Michel taking the free kicks, that can be a valuable asset.

The downside though is that Gilberto isn't an incredibly accurate shooter. Yes, he shot the ball more often but he was also off target more which generally means the end product is a turnover. Gilberto is also pretty foul happy which I'm not thrilled about either.

That One Condition

This one will be unpopular, but I would absolutely go for it if Dallas traded Perez for Gilberto straight up. Perez is eight years Gilberto's senior and will most likely miss a significant chunk of time this season with the Gold Cup. I still think that at 33 Perez can give FC Dallas a lot of goals again this year but Gilberto's upside is what's most attractive here and the thought of combining a young striker with Oscar Pareja just sounds like a great fit in the long term. Granted, TFC will lose Altidore to the Gold Cup this year too, but they absolutely must deal Gilberto (if the CBA remains the same that each team can only have 3 DPs) and I think Perez could be the best they could hope for in terms of getting anything back for a player that they must give away.

What do you guys think? Should Dallas make a play for Gilberto? If so, what should Dallas give up? Sound off in the comments below.