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Report: Michael Essien has turned down FC Dallas' bid

As quickly as the story developed, it appears to be going away.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

There are reasons why they call it the silly season. Earlier in the day there were rumors swirling around that FC Dallas had made a bid to acquire AC Milan midfielder Michael Essien. Now it appears that Essien has turned down those offers.

According to this site, Essien turned down the offer from FC Dallas and MLS over the price that was being offered.

Essien's contract expires in June and just like Giovinco, he could sign with any team for next season. Dallas FC made an offer but it was deemed too low.

So there you have it. We don't know what the offer was or how much was on the table but through sources of Big D Soccer we do know that Essien and his agent (Fernando Clavijo's son) were discussing a transfer this afternoon.

Does this mean the deal is completely off? Maybe. But given how this is the silly season, I wouldn't be shocked that this isn't the end of the Essien and FCD/MLS flirtation.