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Tesho Akindele still undecided about which national team to represent

A report from says that the 2014 MLS Rookie of the Year may still suit up for Canada.

via US Soccer

While we are all thrilled to see FC Dallas forward and 2014 MLS Rookie of the Year winner Tesho Akindele earn his first national team call-up this month to Jurgen Klinsmann's January camp, the 22-yard old is still undecided as to which country he'll ultimately play for. is reporting today that Akindele is still undecided about which national team he plans to represent in the future as he is unlikely to feature for the US in the two upcoming friendlies against Chile and Panama.

Klinsmann also said Akindele is unlikely to join these two matches and said players like Akindele and Mexican-American forward Julio Morales aren't being rushed into decisions.

"We are not pressuring that. We are not pushing them," he said. "We said, 'Take all the time in the world' because once you make that decision, it's a lifetime decision."

Akindele can still represent Canada since he was born there. He did turn down a national team call from the land of maple leafs last fall. So far he is getting acclimated well with the United States squad despite being what he calls 'above average'.

"I think a lot of the guys, it's just crazy the switch that gets flipped," Akindele said. "Like, once training starts, guys get super intense and if you make a mistake everybody's getting on you. But in the locker room, everybody's joking around and having a good time."

The report goes on to say that Klinsmann isn't pressuring Akindele to make any official proclamation either. But judging by Akindele's comments and how he has handled things in the past year, I don't see him getting in any sort of rush over deciding his national team future anytime soon.

Do you think Akindele is doing a smart thing by not siding with either country just yet? Should he make the jump to Canada at the next call?