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Hanging out with Victor Ulloa: Part 2

The second part in a series that looks at the life of a young soccer star.

Back before Christmas, released a new series of videos that follow FC Dallas Homegrown midfielder Victor Ulloa around.

In the first installment, we got to see a bit of Ulloa's home life and what he does in and around the practice facility in Frisco.

Now in the second part of this series, we get to see a little more of Ulloa's home life with his roommates (and teammates) Danny Garcia and Jonathan Top (okay, I guess former teammates in this case). The Homegrown trio look out to find something to do on a day in their off-season. As you might expect, they do a little golfing,

Once again we get a peak at what Ulloa's life is like behind the scenes. You can't say too much more that hasn't already been said about this kid, he's always smiling and looking to take care of his teammates.

Sidenote: Also, 5th Street Patio Cafe is a pretty solid spot to eat when you're in Frisco.