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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 2, 2015

Only a few more days until the regular season schedule comes out.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It has been a cold and rainy start to 2015 here in Dallas but I'll honestly take that now instead of on March 7. We'll try to get to some more SuperDraft material in the next couple of days around here but first let us get some morning links to finish out the week with.

// FC Dallas //

Our staff wishes for 2015 | Big D Soccer

A little ICYMI kind of thing to start off with. Part of our staff here pulled together some wishes and hopes for the new year.

// MLS //

Gerrard set to leave Liverpool in the summer |

Mr. Liverpool could be making his way across the pond. While I doubt he will even sniff at a team like FCD, I'd still be pretty pleased to see him in a MLS kit.

MLS invites 19 for Caribbean Combine |

Eh, I wouldn't get too attached to this list.

MLS is getting bullied by Man City | For the Win

Bullied, pushed around, looked at like a step child. Yeah, the whole Frank Lampard thing isn't a good way for NYCFC to start out and definitely not a good way for the Man City owners to start out in MLS.

NYCFC fans outraged | talkSport

Funny reading some of the quotes in this one how people are outraged and then league front office folks are like 'well, Lampard is doing really well in the EPL right now'.

MLS players selected for AFCON | MLS Multiplex

Pretty cool to hear that there are more MLS players being selected for the African tournament than ever before.

Predictions for 2015 | Seattle Times

You'd think this would be full of Sounder predictions but it is not. No mentions of FCD in this but some interesting thoughts as this writer believes one expansion side could make the playoffs and one of LA, Seattle or RSL will miss the playoffs.

Alright, that is all from me for now. What do you all have on this Friday?