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Commentary: Is FC Dallas' conservative nature going to haunt them in 2015?

Going into the new season, FC Dallas has made only a few moves.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I've had this thought for a while and this conversation with a few folks lately. Since the end of the 2014 season, we have seen minimal moves made by FC Dallas. The club has only added a small number of players while getting rid of several guys from the books that had big contracts.

Now that we're nearly at the preseason mark between MLS seasons, the question almost has to be asked here, is FC Dallas being too conservative with how they are handling this offseason?

I keep looking back at this line from a post on the Dallas Morning News soccer blog with FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo for my guidance in this thought.

"We don't know what the CBA is going to look like, so how many roster players we will have? How many players can we loan? Are we going to be able to loan? There's a lot of unanswered questions right now from the players' union, from the ownership that we cannot make hard decisions and say OK, let's go with them for three, four years. Every year, we try to adapt and see what's going to happen, Clavijo said.

This comment came in a post about the future 2015 USL affiliate in Arizona, something we've been discussing on here since November.

Clavijo also had a similar comment in a later post on the Dallas Morning News as well in another interview.

Do you have any idea when we can expect a new CBA?

Clavijo: Good guess. We are going forward with the 31st deadline. Until the 31st, we have a CBA in place. Whatever happens after that, we don't know. We really don't know.

The more I read things like this, to go along with the lack of actual updates from the club over the course of the offseason, the more I wonder if this lack of knowledge or conservative nature is going to haunt this club in 2015.

We all know the Hunts by nature are a conservative bunch. That has always been their style of operation. At times it works, at other times it does not. But as I look at even simple things like the transactions being done in MLS up to this point, FCD has sat back more so than many other teams. Sure, the MLS transfer window hasn't officially opened yet, which is part of the problem. And maybe it is partly due to the fact that this club is actually in better shape than most in MLS right now, something I would consider arguing for at this point if I were pressed to.

Am I saying FCD is doomed without signing any big names right now? Absolutely not. Am I expecting a big Designated Player signing this winter? No. In fact, I fully expect the club to continue their mode of operation by going after young DP talent in South America like they have been doing. (But it would be nice to see a least a hint of a rumor out there for fans to get remotely excited by.)

Then the whole USL PRO affiliate thing still bothers me. Maybe it is because we've been told a couple times that it would be announced by 'x' date only to not see anything happen. The counter to that however is that business deals in any line of work can take time. I get that.

But the thought to sit back and wait on the CBA is something that worries me for this season. I get that the roster may be smaller at 25 players instead of 30, but that likely means that the number of players you can loan to your USL PRO affiliate will change as well (my gut tells me it goes from four players to five, maybe six at the most). So roster spots are technically there to gobble up with some moves in the next few weeks.

So what do you all think? Is FCD doing themselves a disservice by sitting on the sidelines right now? Should they be bold enough to make some big moves like other teams are doing right now without knowing what will happen to the CBA? Or are you okay with how things are going this winter? Lets discuss this all below.