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MLS Draft, 2015: Five players left available for the third and fourth rounds

The first two rounds were about getting some of the best available talent, but rounds three and four may be about finding those hidden gems.

Owen Main

The main part of the 2015 MLS SuperDraft is over. Now the clubs have to shift focus to the later rounds in the draft, what used to be known as the Supplemental Draft.

Rounds three and four really are about finding those hidden gems, those guys that could be the next Chris Wondolowski or Jeff Lawrentoicz. FC Dallas has two more picks to go in this year's draft, both the 14th overall pick in each round. So who is left on the board that is worth snagging for the preseason camp?

Andy Craven (F, North Carolina) - This one was a bit of a shocker to me on Thursday. Craven has already signed a senior deal with MLS before the draft. I'd be a bit shocked if he landed in FCD's lap but given his talents on the ball and his ability to score, he would do well under Oscar Pareja. Craven could work the wings if needed, or be a nice compliment up top to Blas Perez at times.

Andrew Wolverton (GK, Penn State) - I'm going to keep pushing my goalkeeper theory until it sticks or nothing happens. Wolverton is a big kid that showed well between the goalposts these last couple years in the Big 10. If anything he would do well to learn under guys like Chris Seitz and Dan Kennedy.

Ramon Martin del Campo (D, UC Davis) - Another Big West guy like Earle, del Campo at one point was projected rather high in this year's draft. His combine didn't go as well, which meant he slipped down the boards a bit. Still, FCD needs depth in the back and del Campo would be a good fit in that regard.

Anthony Manning (D, Saint Louis) - Manning was another name that a lot of people loved to throw to Dallas in their mock drafts. Again, going for defensive depth, if Manning is available you could do well to take him there.

Aaron Simmons (D, UCLA) - Obviously defense is the name of this game here for FCD. Simmons showed well during his time at UCLA, a program that has produced a ton of MLS talent over the years.