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MLS Draft 2015: Fernando Clavijo reacts to drafting Otis Earle

FCD looked to get depth in the draft.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In the last couple of years, FC Dallas has done well in the MLS SuperDraft. The club's technical director Fernando Clavijo made several clever moves last year to snag eventual Rookie of the Year Tesho Akindele and some allocation money. This year's draft however proved to be a different story as the club stayed at number 15 and drafted to fill a need in their depth department with the selection of Otis Earle.

"We planned it all the way from the beginning," said Clavijo to reporters following the draft. "We knew that we had a handful with the number 15 pick, but we didn't know who was going to be there. We were looking for a specific place in the back and Otis was one of the first picks that we had in mind to replace Jair and now we are really pleased to be honest with you. Pleased that at that position we were able to get what we wanted."

Getting depth in the draft was always the course of action for FCD. The club knew getting depth in the back was a priority as the talent was heavier in this draft on defenders. Clavijo said getting a quality backup to Moises Hernandez was also a big part of selecting Earle.

"When you look at what we have right now in Moises [Hernandez] at that position," explained Clavijo. "He's strong with the ball. He understands, he grew up in a good environment in soccer in England. I think he has a lot of attitude to the game that is going to help us. He's a guy that can go up and down the field. With his service, can he get a little bit better, probably yes, but he's a good asset for us."

Earle stated to reporters following the draft that he was excited by Dallas selecting him and looks forward to working with head coach Oscar Pareja.

"That was definitely a massive attraction to the club," said Earle. "He's a coach who does well with younger players and likes to play you the right way. To be under a manager who's as good as he is and has that pedigree will be massive for me and my development."