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MLS Draft, 2015: Most pressing needs for FC Dallas

To get a defender or midfielder seems like the best option.

Syracuse Athletics/Daily Orange

Yesterday we discussed FC Dallas many options in tomorrow's SuperDraft. They can trade like they never have traded before or just stay put at number 15. My gut tells me this team won't be that quiet tomorrow but I may dive into that tomorrow once the draft is here.

Today we will look at what areas of the field should get the club's attention in the draft. We know where things stand in terms of depth but which one has the most pressing need with that first round pick?

1. Centerback - My gut still tells me that defense is the way to go in just about any draft where you aren't picking in the top five. The Generation adidas talent should all be taken at this point, meaning there won't be a player available that will not count against the salary cap this year. Throw in the fact that outside of Zach Loyd and Matt Hedges, the two other natural center defenders (Walker Zimmerman and Stephen Keel) struggle to stay healthy for long periods of time.

Worth looking at: Tim Parker (St. John's), Anthony Manning (Saint Louis), Oumar Ballo (UMBC), Skylar Thomas (Syracuse)

2. Left back - This area seems fine with Moises Hernandez leading the charge and with the 'in a pinch' moments being able to use Michel. But I also like the idea of getting a full back in this draft. I've been pretty impressed with the talent in this draft pool in this area too. Hernandez hasn't shown yet that he can stay out of the dog house in terms of red cards and silly fouls. FCD needs quality depth behind him not only for those reasons but to push him in training.

Worth looking at: Andy Thoma (Washington), Otis Earle (UC Riverside)

3. Central midfielder - This one could go any possible way. Grab a quality defensive midfielder to pair up with Victor Ulloa. Or grab someone that slips to you that can back Mauro Diaz up. Or better yet, get a guy that can play in the 4-2-3-1 that can help link up Ulloa and Diaz on the pitch.

Worth looking at: Eric Bird (Virginia), Seth Casiple (California), Nick Besler (Notre Dame), Dan Metzger (Maryland)

4. Goalkeeper - I keep bringing this one up because I really do think it makes a load of sense to get a keeper in this draft given the likelihood that Jesse Gonzalez will be out of pocket for a lot decent chunk of this season. If the lone GA keeper Alex Bono is available, draft him. If anything he can serve under Chris Seitz and Dan Kennedy for a couple years, go out on some loans, etc.

Worth looking at: Alex Bono (Syracuse), Tyler Miller (Northwestern), Andrew Wolverton (Penn State)