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MLS Draft, 2015: What options does FC Dallas have on Thursday?

Trade up? Trade down? Stay put? All are options worth exploring in this year's draft.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As it is with any SuperDraft in MLS, there are the many options surrounding each team's pick. FC Dallas is no different in that they have plenty to work with in Thursday's draft.

Last year the club went into the draft with an early selection only to trade down a couple spots for allocation money, to then again trade back to up draft Tesho Akindele. It was truly one of the wildest 10-minutes I've ever seen in SueprDraft history and it yielded allocation and a future Rookie of the Year winner.

So lets look at the options that FC Dallas has and rate what could be the most likely of the bunch.

Trade up

Just like we've pointed out in our history of the picks articles (see #15, and #19), there are gems after the top 10 and then there are pure duds. If Oscar Pareja and Fernando Clavijo feel strong about a player like they did with Akindele, moving up in the draft is probably the way to go.

With 12 seniors signed and only five Generation adidas players available, snagging one of the top players is going to be tough. I see only trading up to get a GA as a worthwhile gamble right now, especially if that means getting someone like Christian Roldan from Washington.

Then again this is an area that we just need to put the blind faith in Pareja and Clavijo to do just what they did a year ago. Make a deal that works. If they can flip the pick they have for some allocation and move up like they did a year ago, then by all means trade up boys.

Trade pick away completely

I joked for a few weeks before we realized that the club would even be in the first round that this draft was worth missing out on anyways. I look at this class and wonder if there really are any worthwhile guys to even consider caring about in the first two rounds as it is.

So saying that, I'm all for trading this pick for some extra allocation that can help bring in the right Designated Player to this club.

Trade down into the second round...because why not?

I laugh at this option because we keep saying that the pool is thin enough as it is. But my thought process in this is trading down to get allocation only to draft a goalkeeper.

Hear me out on this folks, this is something I've been thinking more about lately. With Jesse Gonzalez likely to be gone several weeks this year with the Mexican U-20s, there will be a small need to get another backup keeper, much like FCD had to do a couple years ago when they were dealing with Richard Sanchez being gone with the Mexican U-20s.

So in some way, I like the idea of trading down to get a keeper in this draft. Judging by the talent, it wouldn't be a bad gamble to go with here.

Get more picks

Would Pareja and FCD actually be better off trading to get more picks? Given his ability to get the most out of Akindele last year, Deshorn Brown and Dillon Powers the years before that, it makes me think that FCD could gamble a bit here and get some extra depth through the draft. Pareja has worked wonders before, so why not again in 2015?

Stay at #15

Then there is the conventional wisdom that something good will fall to you at number 15. Pareja has proven over the years to be able to get the most out of the talent that he has drafted. So why not stay where you are at, field offers that come in but stand your ground at number 15.

Like we pointed out here earlier, there is good talent to be found outside of the top 10.

So if you are Pareja, what do you do?