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MLS Mock Draft, 2015: How FC Dallas could take Dan Metzger

In the MLS Mock Draft, FC Dallas selected Dan Metzger from Maryland.

Maryland Athletics

Just like with almost every draft out there, we here at do mock drafts. We love them, most of you seem to love them. So naturally with the MLS SuperDraft right around the corner this week the 20 MLS blogs got together on a Friday night (crazy right?) to do a quick mock draft.

FC Dallas has the 15th pick in the draft on Thursday. In the mock draft we selected midfielder Dan Metzger from Maryland with the pick.

Why this pick will happen: It is all about midfield depth in this draft for me. The talent in there for Metzger to succeed under Oscar Pareja as well. He is a defensive midfielder that will push Victor Ulloa for playing time or at least give him the deserved breaks that he will need in what is truly going to be his sophomore season with FCD. He could also be a good link between Ulloa and Mauro Diaz in the midfield, something that FCD certainly struggled to find with injuries in 2014. The guy also sees the field very nicely, more so than most college players coming into the draft.

But back on the depth argument for a second. If there isn't a top level forward or one of the top center backs or left backs available at 15, going the center midfield route is the best option for Pareja and FCD. The draft is rather thin on the wings this year outside of snagging a forward that can play on the wings. Getting some midfield depth that is cheap but reliable like Metzger will be is possible the best course of action.

Why this pick may not happen: First of all, mock drafts are mostly a total crap shoot. Teams may not even value guys the same way that we fans do. Aside from that obvious, Metzger could be a guy that once the Combien is wrapped up early this week, could slide into a top 10 pick. He certainly has the pedigree and talent to do so and every account that I've seen from the Combine thus far suggests he is doing very well for himself there in Florida.

On the flip side, if there is a defender available that is worth taking or even a Generation adidas player still floating around at this point, take the gamble in that direction. It is possible that Pareja would rather have a more experienced center midfielder to provide depth rather than a college player too.