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Projecting the Draft: Top forward options in the 2015 SuperDraft

The attacking talent is good at the top but will there be any left overs for number 15?

UNC Athletics

Just as it is with any year in the MLS SuperDraft, the top talent is up top. MLS has signed a couple forward prospects that will likely go early in the draft this week. But the real question may be, does Dallas have a chance at any one of these guys?

Lets discuss the top forward prospects to see which one could work here.

Cyle Larin (UCONN) - For FC Dallas to land Larin, they will certainly have to make a heck of a trade proposal to get him at one of the top spots. Orlando is likely to select him at number one, and he would have likely gone in the top five last year had he signed a GA contract then. Luckily Orlando could shop this pick for more proven MLS talent. Based on the games that I saw him in, he would be a big risk to trade up for but the possible big reward from him is there as well.

Khiry Shelton (Oregon State) - Most feel he is the best senior forward in this draft. He is a native Texan which is intriguing to us for sure, but what Shelton does on the ball is fun to watch. He can play wide as a flank player but his talents up top would certainly do well under Oscar Pareja.

Romairo Williams (UCF) - One of the few GA picks on the board, the Jamaican will likely go pretty early but some scouts have told me he could be the one GA that could slip into the middle of the first round. He is another guy with pace that could line up on the wings or up top.

Andy Craven (UNC) - He spent the bulk of his college career in a 4-3-3 set-up, which may make his transition to a MLS side a little more difficult (unless someone like SKC snags him up). I do love this guy's work rate and energy though, something that I'm sure would interest Fernando Claivjo and Pareja.

Andy Bevin (West Virginia) - Yes, the homer in me is placing the one pro-ready guy from my alma mater on this list. Hear me out though as the Kiwi is worth a look. He had 13 goals and eight assists this season for the Mountaineers, in a system that does transition well to the pro game. He is a guy that is a pure goal scorer that just needs quality service to finish the ball, he'd certainly get that in Dallas.