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Evaluating the FC Dallas depth charts: Pre-SuperDraft Edition

It is a week and a half until the SuperDraft, so where does the depth on the FC Dallas roster stand today?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Given that the international transfer window hasn't officially opened for FC Dallas and other MLS sides (that comes later on this winter), adding talent to the roster has been few and far between so far this offseason. Other teams have added free agent talent or have made announcements on players that will join once the transfer window opens up.

So where does FCD stand at the moment with their roster? As it stands today, the club has 22 players on the roster. That includes the 10 off-budget players like all the Homegrown talent and Generation adidas players. That means there are eight open roster spots right now before the SuperDraft - three of those spots should be open on the developmental roster or off-budget side of things.

As we move on this preseason I will do a deeper look at each position on the depth chart. For now, we'll do a quick and rough look at the roster as a whole.

Goalkeepers (3) - Chris Seitz, Dan Kennedy, Jesse Gonzalez

Notes: Depth is fairly covered in this department, which seems to be a theme each year with this club. I do want to point out that no one should be shocked to see FCD take a keeper in one of the late rounds of the SuperDraft. With Jesse Gonzalez gone for a good part of this year with the Mexican U-20s, it makes sense for the club to bring in a young, cheap option for those "just incase moments".

Defenders (7) - Moises Hernandez, Kellyn Acosta, Zach Loyd, Walker Zimmerman, Matt Hedges, Je-Vaughn Watson, Stephen Keel

Notes: Naturally the defender in me sees seven listed and believes that is too damn low. This even includes two potential midfield options in Acosta and Watson. If you take them out of this and put them with the midfielders it makes this group even more thin. Obviously the depth at center back is weak and will have to be addressed. The options behind Hernandez at left back needs help unless you end up shifting Loyd to that side at times this year with a healthy Zimmerman in the middle. No matter how you spin it, this area needs some work.

Midfielders (7) - Mauro Diaz, Fabian Castillo, Ryan Hollingshead, Brian Span, Victor Ulloa, Michel, Danny Garcia

Notes: Just about every spot in this area needs some help. Even if everyone is healthy, I don't like how thin the wings are. Hopefully a Designated Player gets signed in this area to help out things. Also, the middle just lacks a serious bite at the moment. I haven't heard if the club is looking to bring Hendry Thomas back or not, but he would still be a good option to get.

Forwards (6) - Blas Perez, David Texeira, Tesho Akindele, Aljeandro Zendejas, Atiba Harris, Coy Craft

Notes: This may be the one group outside of the keepers that I feel decent about right now. Harris can play in the midfield, so can Tesho. So there is that to hang your hats on a bit. I think we will get more out of Tex this season and Zendejas has some pretty solid potential. Maybe one more addition to this group, another guy that can play in the midfield as well might be where the club goes on this.