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New conference rivals add spark to FC Dallas schedule in 2015

With Houston and Sporting KC coming over, what does this mean for FCD getting into the playoffs?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The newcomers to the Western Conference are not unfamiliar foes, but suddenly more important than past years in helping us make the playoffs. With now 6 games against these 2 opponents, and all within 'reasonable driving distance', these rivalries not only intensify but become much more important in the playoff race.

Sporting Kansas City

We sent a nice contingent of FC Dallas fans up there and they got to experience what was one of the more dramatic draws of the season. Now we will be visiting up there a minimum of 2 times this year with them visiting Frisco once for gameday #2.

This rivalry was never a big one in my mind, but I think with the traveling fans that'll make the trip to and fro, and the consistent 9 points on the line every years between the 2 clubs that this rivalry is about to become very real very quickly.

Here's a quick track record of our H2H against our new neighbors:

2014 : Sporting KC 1-1 FC Dallas

2013: FC Dallas 2-2 Sporting KC

2012: Sporting KC 2-1 FC Dallas

2011: Sporting KC 2-3 FC Dallas ; FC Dallas 1-4 Sporting KC

Houston Dynamo

Last year we beat Houston both times we faced them, and it felt amazing. One was for the league and the other a cup tie that went into overtime. This time however we have the possibility of facing them 4 times if we advance in the cup far enough.

We'll only have to make the trip over there once as they need to come to Frisco twice this season. If this isn't our main rival in your mind now, just wait until October 4th when the Dynamo come over for a visit. Late in the season, playoff spots most likely on the line, and the Orangemen come into town. I'll ask you guys after that game who our undisputed main rival is after that cracker of a match.

Here's a quick track record of our H2H against our fellow Texans:

2014: Houston Dynamo 2-3 FC Dallas (Cup) ; Houston Dynamo 1-4 FC Dallas

2013: FC Dallas 3-2 Houston Dynamo

2012: Houston Dynamo 2-1 FC Dallas

2011: FC Dallas 0-1 Houston Dynamo ; Houston Dynamo 2-2 FC Dallas

Good news is we're undefeated against these two in the last 2 years! Bad news is we'll need to fight these guys 6 times each year minimum with 18 points on the line. These were 2 of the East's best teams and they're going to be out to prove they can hang in the West. Looking forward to these road trips and the home games against these guys this year!