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Top wishes for FC Dallas in 2015

Our staff has voiced a few things they'd like to see in 2015.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now that 2015 is here, our staff has decided to make a list of our own. We saw the top moments from 2014 out of a lot of places but we wanted to do something a little different here. Instead of rehashing the past, we want to look forward into this coming year with a list of things we hope to see out of FC Dallas, MLS and US Soccer.

Feel free to include your own wishes for the club below.

Drew Epperley:

1. A USL team - Naturally I think we're all going to agree on this one. Even the affiliate announcement has been a tough one to deal with.

2. For MLS to get off the Miami bandwagon - A year after giving David Beckham and his group an agreement for an expansion team and there is still no word on a stadium that would get them that actual expansion bid. At some point this year MLS has to make the decision that Miami just may not work after all and move on to a market that makes more sense for them.

3. More discipline, less injuries - We know the season is a long one, 34 games plus preseason, post season, USOC, etc. FCD has to find a way in 2015 to get rid of the silly red cards and find a way to get more guys healthy for longer stretches of a time. Too often in the last coupe of years we have seen guys miss loads of time for hamstring injuries. Either the training staff needs to be let go or something. Hearing the "player X has a hamstring issue" out of Pareja just gets old after a while.

4. Some hardware - I think this one is self-explanatory.

Jason Poon:

1. Own USL Team, not an affiliate team. FCD's Academy program has been lauded as one of the league's best, and not having their own team to field in 2015 will be a huge set back. I just hope it won't come back to haunt them.

2. A Healthy Walker Zimmerman - two years plagued by injuries. It's really time to see what he can do.

3. Aggressive Ownership - Pipe dream, but the Hunts have been really conservative in their ownership practice, which was understandable as the league and team were trying to stabilize themselves financially. Now that attendance is up, and overall buzz and interest for the team is high, time to roll the dice with a few front office decisions (namely, hire Steve to be their data analyst).

Ryan Scanlon:

1. A reserves team - Surely this'll be on 3/4ths of the FCD fans wish lists, and it's first on my list. They haven't officially announced the connection with any other team yet so there's still a very small sliver of hope!

2. A DP signing - Not saying they need to make a big splash, I'm just saying if we could shell out some money to put a quality DP signing opposite of Castillo who isn't on a crazy salary...title contenders...

3. Sun screen? - I know this has been talked about, and a sticking point for the East Stand, but that sun has got to go. Put a little bit of a barrier on the west side to shield the blinding sun please FCD. Please.

Scott Hiney:

1. A new stadium audio system. - I sit on the East sideline for all games and it's a real bummer to hear the sound from the pre-game video come in and out as the wind blows. It would be nice to have a nice, loud, clear system in place for next season.

2. A continued partnership with Cane's. - This is the best promotion ever. I can't explain how wonderful it is to leave an FCD victory and then taste golden, crispy goodness that can only be achieved through a BOGO box combo deal.

3. A third kit. - It would be nice to have a third kit the team can wear, whether it have a tie to the Burn or Tornados, or simply a different style, maybe featuring a black and red combination.