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2015 SuperDraft

Why drafting defenders has worked for FCD

A rich history for defenders in FCD's draft class gives reason for optimism for Otis Earle

MLS Draft 2015: FCD adds two more

Going for depth, FCD adds to their defense and midfield in the third and fourth rounds of the SuperDraft.

MLS Draft, 2015: Talent left for 3rd & 4th rounds

The first two rounds were about getting some of the best available talent, but rounds three and four may be about finding those hidden gems.

MLS Draft 2015: Scouting Otis Earle

Otis Earle was selected on Thursday by FC Dallas. What do we know about him from his college career?

Clavijo explains FCD's draft selection

FCD looked to get depth in the draft.

FC Dallas selects Otis Earle in 2015 Draft

FCD adds to their defensive depth.

MLS Draft 2015: Time, order, FCD's picks & stream

Draft day is here, follow along as we see who FC Dallas drafts.

MLS Draft: What should FCD draft?

To get a defender or midfielder seems like the best option.

2015 Draft: To trade or not to trade

Trade up? Trade down? Stay put? All are options worth exploring in this year's draft.

History of the 15th pick

What can Dallas expect out of the 15th pick?

Projecting the Draft: Top forwards available

The attacking talent is good at the top but will there be any left overs for number 15?

Mock Draft: FCD takes Metzger at #15

In the MLS Mock Draft, FC Dallas selected Dan Metzger from Maryland.

MLS signs five underclassmen to GA deals

The class is small this year, which may make it tough for FC Dallas to get their hands on one of them.

Projecting the Draft: Top wing prospects

The wings of FC Dallas are thin after a couple players were let go in December.

Projecting the Draft: Top center midfield options

Could FC Dallas look at adding more depth to the center of the midfield in this draft?

Projecting the Draft: Top outside back options

FC Dallas has some holes in the defense, which of these prospects could be on the depth charts in 2015?

Projecting the Draft: Center back options

We begin our look at next month's SuperDraft with the top center backs in the college game today.

SuperDraft: A history of the 19th pick

So Dallas will likely get Toronto's 19th Pick for Draft Day. What does that mean for the Hoops?

FCD gets back in the 1st round of the SuperDraft

Now the SuperDraft got a little more interesting...


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