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FC Dallas unveils new secondary kits for 2015

The new road uniforms still have some hoops to them.

FC Dallas

For weeks we have been guessing and wondering what the new FC Dallas road jersey would look like. Outside of a couple leaks this week, there really wasn't a ton to go off of. That is until one big leak happened earlier in the day, just 90 minutes before FC Dallas unveiled their new road kits.

As you can see, FC Dallas' new road uniforms have the white sleeve that we saw in the teaser images and blue hoops in the middle. A slight departure from the previous road uniform that had bigger hoops. Another thing to note is the cleaner sponsor logo as the large Advocare branding is toned down a great deal to help the jersey stand out just a tad more.

[Note: Photo via, you can see more details on the jersey here.]

I have to say, the first glimpse of this I was pleased. It isn't perfect, but honestly what jersey is. In a way, like one BDS colleague stated, this looks similar to Queens Park Rangers of the EPL.

I typically have gravitated towards the road kits in years past and will likely continue to do so with this one as well. The lines in this jersey are clean, the little details like the "LH" on the back of the jersey, and the DTID in the collar are nice touches too. Also, the socks look great with this kit. Normally I don't care about such a thing but for some reason it ties everything in with this kit. Again, it isn't perfect but it is a solid jersey that I look forward to seeing on the club this season.

What do you all make of this jersey? You eager to buy one or will you wait for a new home kit next winter?