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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Player ratings

With FC Dallas falling 2-1 to Real Salt Lake let's take a look at how the players did individually.

Jim Urquhart-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez- 5

No chance on either goal and made 3 saves; average day at the office for Superman.

Jair Benitez- 2.5

This was an atrocious game for Benitez and with Moises Hernandez coming back from injury I'm sure he will be replaced. He was useless in the attack, his crosses were pointless with Castillo and Escobar the only targets in the first half. His defense was even worse as he gave defenders 5 yards every time they crossed the ball and Jair just let them swing the ball in (I counted this on 4 occasions.)

Matt Hedges- 7.5

The man of the match for me, Hedges was stellar on the defensive side and could have bagged a couple goals himself with better touches.

Zach Loyd- 5

Not really sure what to make of this game from the makeshift center back. He was, sort of, at fault for the first goal (yeah I'm being really harsh) for not seeing the ball in time and let it ricochet off of his foot before falling to Findley for the offside goal. He did however make up for it with two great tackles that could have ended badly for Dallas.

Je-Vaughn Watson- 6

Personally I thought Watson had a quietly brilliant game. He did his job defensively and that's about it. Easy way to earn a 6.

Kellyn Acosta- 5

Like Benitez he was useless going forward, but unlike Benitez he was actually solid while tracking back. Not a great day, but one that should see him more playing time.

Victor Ulloa- 6

A decent performance from the youngster, but he didn't shine. He did his dirty work like normal and tried to push up a bit in the first half, but didn't create much.

Michel- 7

Easily Dallas' best player going forward on the day. That's a problem if you're an FC Dallas fan. Also he had 3 great tackles that I counted to shut down RSL's counter-attacks.

Peter Luccin- 5

Earning a start for the first time in a while, Luccin was pretty ineffective in the center of the pitch. He moved the ball well, but failed to create anything dangerous. Also Luccin was invisible on defense for large portions of the half.

Fabian Castillo- 5

Castillo has no business playing centrally. He plays his best on either wing and that's where he should stay. His only good play on the night was the short pass to Escobar that should have ended in a goal.

Andres Escobar- 3.5

It wasn't a good day for the young Columbian. He was stuck out of position for the first half and in the second half he saw little of the ball. He was however gifted a chance early in the second half when Fabian slipped a ball to him, but he failed to put it on frame and gets a deduction for that (along with him being hidden for most of the match.)

Oscar Pareja- 3

This was the second time Papi rolled out the 5-3-2 and neither time did we see any real offensive threats during the match. Yes it's tough to play at Rio Tinto, but putting Fabian Castillo and Andres Escobar up top was a mistake.


Tesho Akindele- 5

Despite all the praise given to Akindele from Pareja and the media over the past few weeks, he was largely a disappointment on the day. He lost the mark of Saborio's goal and while he did draw the foul for Michel's goal, he did little to earn it.

Moises Hernandez- 7

I may be giving him a higher score than I should, but in his limited minutes he brought energy and effective defending (the slide tackle on Jaime) that we didn't see with Benitez.

Mauro Diaz-6

Mauro was only on the field for about 10 minutes and didn't get that magical play we are used to seeing, but his creativity did show and you could see a major difference in the offensive approach with him on the field.