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View From The East: One Shot On Target

This game was one of the hardest ones to watch. Almost as hard as the 2 San Jose games. Just, awful all around.

Jim Urquhart-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas traveled to Salt Lake City to try and get 2 over on the Western Conference champions, and we went in with a slightly healthier and slightly less suspended roster that Oscar Pareja really toyed with this game. The initial line up really looked like a 5 at the back with 2 wingbacks and what appeared to be Watson as a CB (oh dear). The passing and build up for FC Dallas was scarce and it was overall one of those frustrating nights that yielded no points.

Poor Luccin

This guy is on our team, but when I saw him in our starting line up my heart sank. Peter Luccin has heart, but he doesn't bring much else to the table other than experience in my opinion. I haven't ever said "Good stuff Luccin!", if you guys have please remind me when you complimented the Frenchman because my memory is hurting trying to remember a moment like that. We're not paying this guy too much are we? We can't keep this player past this year, I just don't want to see that happen unless he goes on a super hot streak these last couple of games.

Super Defensive Approach

Maybe because it was an away game at the Western Conference foes, but I feel like we went in way too cautiously. We started the game with 3 RBs (Kellyn Acosta, Je-Vaughn Watson & Zach Loyd), an LB (Jair Benitez), and 3 defensive midfielders (Luccin, Michel & Victor Ulloa). If there was a way we could've bunkered down more I think it's be putting Keel in there for Andres Escobar. This was a super-defensive shell that I think was designed to just try and nick a point from Real Salt Lake in their own home. Which sometimes isn't a bad idea, until it goes wrong and people like me write and gripe about it. We literally had on 2 attack minded players on the field to start, so of course we got nothing in the first half. The game opened up with the inclusion of Tesho Akindele but the late late appearance of Mauro Diaz was a little surprising to me really.

Most exciting player to watch this night was between Akindele and Fabian Castillo. Castillo should've had an assist if Escobar knew how wide a standard goal net actually was, and Akindele's entrance made RSL step back a few steps in order to have to deal with him which got us into a little bit of a rhythm.

Overall, we could look back at this as a rotational game. We can't get too mad at OP wanting to rotate the roster which is what he did here. He's rotating the roster with what he has and we can't get too fussy about it. He's working with what he has, and with all the injuries and suspensions we've had I'm happy with where this has gotten us. But for real, we need to win next week.

Where does this rank on your most awful games of the year? Luccin is not up to the task we thought he was when we brought him in and were patient last year, definite drop for the end of the year? Please, everyone don't bring up our losing streaks, you're gonna jinx us.