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View From the East: No way!

Darnit, the hot streak ends and FC Dallas falls in a close game versus the Chicago Fire.

Believe I cursed the team this time everyone. I take the blame on this one. I went up to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, visited the Fire's stadium and took a pic with my FC Dallas scarf on it to send to some friends. And now we all pay for my mistake. I had this game marked as a draw because, let's face it, the Fire are the kings of getting draws.

Too Few Chances

Was it just me? Or was anyone else constantly urging the team to make something happen this night. They looked flat and unimaginative. I understand that Blas Perez and Michel were missing but we still had to have some kind of offensive spark. Ryan Hollinshead and Fabian Castillo both had half chances but were unable to do anything with them unfortunately. I really think this game could've come alive with maybe Mauro Diaz back from injury, but alas, injuries and suspensions are really killing us. Our depth is nice, but we really aren't that deep as today showed.

Wishes Come True

We had two FCD youngsters holding down midfield during this game in the form of Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta both sitting in the center of the field. Great on the defense, these 2 never got going offensively, and I'm not sure I ever expected them to. Acosta can get forward when at RB and put in something dangerous but when he plays midfield I never see anything when he goes forward. Victor Ulloa has been a revelation this season but again the defending takes priority in his mind which is a good thing in situations other than this one.

Really hard to take much away from this game unfortunately. Thought the team played well and could've left there with a point or more but was hard done by a small lapse in judgement. This makes giving my 'most exciting player to watch' award very difficult. I'll reluctantly give this game's award to Andres Escobar. The guy wanted to win, and was energetic although it was all for naught. Hopefully the rest of the team matches his energy in Utah.

Was this the least action-packed game of the season so far? Did I ruin our unbeaten streak by taking that picture? Was anyone more exciting to watch compared to Escobar? It all seemed a little bland. Leave your thoughts below!