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Has FC Dallas signed Alejandro Zendejas to a Homegrown deal?

The latest MLS players salaries dropped today with one interesting addition to the FCD list.

Zendejas with the US youth national side.
Zendejas with the US youth national side.

Want a new way to announce a player signing? It looks like FC Dallas may have done just that today, at least not intentionally.

The MLS Players Union released their fall update to the players salaries list and there was one additional new name on the FC Dallas list. No we're not talking about defender Walter Cabrera, who is earning a cool $84k while on loan in Dallas. Instead we're talking about potential Homegrown signing Alejandro Zendejas.

Yes, in what may be the most random thing to come out of the players salary documents is an unannounced Homegrown player. According to the document, Zendejas is slated to earn roughly $36k in 2014, in base salary with total compensation coming in around $53k.

Zendejas has been a fairly good prospect for FCD in the academy system as he has been called up by the youth national teams several times over the last two years including twice this year by the U-17 squads.

Zendejas comes out of the El Paso FCD camp. He's listed as a midfielder on the national team side but has played forward for FCD's academy. Top Drawer Soccer has him listed as the top regional prospect out of Texas and the eleventh best overall.

So will this end up being an actual signing? The club has not given an official word but that probably means a signing is going to be announced soon.