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The Playoff Hunt: Everyone else in the Western Conference

While LA and Seattle have their spots locked up, RSL and FCD aren't far behind.

Victor Decolongon

The talk in the weeks ahead will all be about the playoffs. Two teams are already into the playoffs out of the Western Conference with LA and Seattle clinching their spots before October hit on the calendar. Chivas USA on the other hand has already been eliminated from playoff contention.

FC Dallas is inching closer and closer towards a playoff spot as they head to Vancouver this weekend. They can clinch with a win or draw and Portland loss on Saturday.

So what does the picture look like for those looking to clinch and the couple teams remaining on their tail? Lets take a look at what everyone has left on their schedule before we take a deep dive into FCD's schedule tomorrow.

(Note: for the sake of tomorrow's piece and based on the playoff scenarios already played out, we're only including a look at the teams below.)

Real Salt Lake

Record: 13-7-10, 49 points, 3rd place

Remaining games: 4 (two home, two away)

Schedule: @ CUSA, vs SJ, @ PORT, vs CUSA

Thoughts: By far the easiest remaining schedule of any Western Conference club. Getting two games with Chivas and a home game with San Jose is and should be nine points in the bag. Right now they're eight points back of Seattle and LA, who are battling it out more for the Supporters' Shield than anyone else in the league. I still wouldn't be shocked if those three games help lift RSL over LA or Seattle in the standings. I don't think it will be enough to get the Shield but it should be enough to get them into the top three.

Vancouver Whitecaps

Record: 9-8-13, 40 points, 5th place

Remaining games: 4 (two home, two away)

Schedule: vs FCD, @ SEA, @ SJ, vs COL

Thoughts: Definitely a make-or-break couple of weeks for the Whitecaps coming up. Getting the home win over RSL over the weekend was absolutely massive for them. It is amazing how different this team is at home compared to the road (7-3-5 at home, 2-5-8 on the road). A loss this weekend though to FCD would pretty much mean they will be in the hunt for fifth place and only fifth place. Still, they'd need a big drop in play from FCD to catch up to them and get fourth place as it is and even if FCD were to stumble more down the stretch in October, I don't see them catching up right now. Going to Seattle next week is going to very tough but also having to go to San Jose after that won't help matters out.

Portland Timbers

Record: 9-9-12, 39 points, 6th place

Remaining games: 4 (two home, two away) + one CCL match

Schedule: @ SJ, vs SJ, vs RSL, @ FCD

Thoughts: Boy, losing Will Johnson will be a tough thing for this side to get over both on and off the field. Two games with San Jose coming up will tell us a ton about where this team could be going too. One thing to keep in mind for the final game of the season with FCD, the Timbers have one final CCL match on the road in Honduras. If somehow this team is still in the hunt by that point they could come to Dallas very tired and beaten up from the long road trip. If they don't get points out of the two San Jose games however you can pretty much expect that last game to be a 'playing for 2015' type of game for them.

Colorado Rapids

Record: 8-14-8, 32 points, 7th place

Remaining games: 4 (two home, two away)

Schedule: vs SEA, @ CUSA, vs FCD, @ VAN

Thoughts: Right now the Rapids cannot catch FCD on points. So even if they win out, FCD would still host them in the wild card game if that were the case. But let's be real honest for a moment about this club, they're reaching the post season with this squad. I'm sure they'll have that FCD game circled on their calendar but by then there is a good chance they'll be eliminated from playoff contention anyways. They could end up playing spoilers though in Vancouver that following week though as I see the playoff race for fifth potentially coming down to that last weekend.

San Jose Earthquakes

Record: 6-12-11, 29 points, 8th place

Remaining games: 5 (two home, three away)

Schedule: vs PORT, @ PORT, @ RSL, vs VAN, @ CUSA

Thoughts: Likely to be the next club eliminated from playoff contention. The Quakes oddly enough have more games left on the schedule plus one additional friendly mixed in there (who on earth schedules a friendly at this time of the year?). Anyways, there is no worry of the Quakes catching up to FCD at this point, but they could certainly help matters out in the coming weeks with those Portland games. If anything, this is your team to cheer on in the final months outside of FCD.