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Best places to watch FC Dallas in DFW

Where do you enjoy taking in a FCD game?

Darrian Traynor

While it is an off weekend for FC Dallas, I figured today was as good of a time as ever to strike up some conversations with many of you. Recently SBNation's parent company Vox Media launched up a new foodie blog with local cities, including Dallas called Eater.

I won't lie to you all, I've probably spent more time on the Dallas Eater side in the past week than any soccer site out there. What can I say, I'm hooked.

Anyways, with the launch of Eater, it got me thinking so to where you all like to go to eat and watch FC Dallas when the club isn't in town. Back at the World Cup we did a post about the best places to watch the World Cup in Dallas/Fort Worth. Many of those places apply here but I figured there were a few hidden gems out there that some people haven't shared.

Where do you enjoy taking in a game when the club is on the road? Share a link too.


The Londoner - Naturally the Frisco location is a good start but I'd also throw out the Greenville one as well. Part of me still wishes there was a March to the Match from the Londoner like the club tried to do a couple years ago. Still, even if FCD isn't on or in town, I probably enjoy going to the Londoner for a game more than most.

Allen Wickers - The Plano/Allen/Richardson crowd typically shows up here for games I believe, though I'm sure it draws in others as well. Located off Highway 75, Allen Wickers has a solid food menu and a decent amount of taps.

Staggering Irishman - I believe the Dallas Beer Guardians use this location as their official place to watch when FCD is on the road. In my opinion you could do no wrong in showing up here on any given Saturday or Sunday during the year to watch games.

Brick House Tavern - One of FCD's official pub partners, their food menu is quite good and they tend to have plenty of good beers on tap.

Trinity Hall - This Irish pub is more for the downtown Dallas crowd. They show many games through the week and do a good job of making sure to have plenty of tap as well.

Abbey Pub - If you haven't gone to the Abbey pub for a game, do so, that place is pretty rad. It may be the best place in Fort Worth to watch any soccer, period.

Idle Rich Pub - This is the one pub on the list I haven't gone to yet but I know it is a pretty good one from what some folks have told me.

British Brewing Company - The BBC probably has one of the most creative menus on the list here for when it comes to food. The beer list isn't too bad either as they have a fair share of British beers (as one might expect with their name).

Vickery Park - I'm including this one even though this isn't an official sports bar of any sorts. Back when FCD downed San Jose 5-0, I was hanging out here with a group of friends. I asked the owner of the bar to put the game on and immediately half of the bar started to cheer along with each goal. Oh and their food selection is pretty amazing.

Where else do you like to take in FC Dallas games in Dallas when the club is on the road? Since FCD is off tonight, where are you going out to? Share a link to a random bar as well.