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Big D Daily: News for Friday, September 26, 2014

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The weekend is here as FC Dallas gets to enjoy a weekend off for a change.

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I'm not going to lie, I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long while. No FC Dallas games or any college football that I remotely care about going on this weekend. But I do have some morning links to get to you before I enjoy a three-day weekend.

// FC Dallas //

A deeper look at the three FCD players that headline the 24 Under 24 |

Still very impressed to see three on the list this year.

Two more just missed the cut |

I can tell you that it was probably fairly close for Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta to also be close to the top 24 as well.

Oscar Pareja explains coaching and development |

Here is an excellent interview with OP about how he views player development in this league. People need to pay attention to what he says because OP knows a thing or to about developing young players.

Pareja shows commitment to youth | Dallas Morning News

It is always interesting with Rich Gosselin shows up at a FCD game. He was there on Wednesday and came away with this piece on OP's youth drive with the club.

Castillo reacts on the sideline to Perez's goal |

Incase you didn't see this, a very funny side-by-side of Fabian Castillo playing with his watch right as Blas Perez scores on Wednesday.

// MLS //

The full 24 Under 24 list |

It wasn't a big shocker as to who was number one on this list. DeAndre Yedlin headlines nearly everything it seems these days. Erick Torres came in second.

The process of how Seattle found and developed Yedlin |

I hope more young players in this country realize the kind of path that Yedlin had over the last couple of years. From the academy to Akron to the MLS team to the national team and the World Cup and soon to the EPL. Just ridiculous if you think about it.

MVP race heating up |

I missed this one the other day but it is still worth sharing. While I don't believe Bradley Wright-Phillips is the most valuable player in MLS right now (that nod goes to someone like Robbie Keane), its worth noting that if he gets the all-time scoring record you can almost go ahead and put his name on the award this year.

Ranking the top 100 clubs in the US and Canada | Brotherly Game

I'm not sure what the value is in this but FCD comes in at number five on it.

Is the CCL changing? |

While I enjoy how the group phase is done, the teams continue to field reserve squads in this tournament half of the time. Not to mention the travel involved is crazy tough on anyone. And while I want to see FCD compete in this tournament again, I also would be perfectly fine with them not being apart of it.

Enjoy the MLS logo generator |

I have to say I rather enjoy making different versions of the MLS logo. Anyone come up with some rather fun ones to share?

Alright, that is it for today. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend everyone!