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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nothing better than waking up with three points in your pocket.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you but last night was rather fun getting three points from Seattle. We'll break down last night's game for you all soon enough but first here are some morning links to enjoy.

// FC Dallas //

Big Tex arrives |

Three goals scored this season, all against the Sounders. David Texeira may have finally showed us what we've been waiting all season for out of him last night.

Texeira seeing his hard work pay off |

A lot of players and coaches said after the game last night that Texeira has been working hard these last three or four weeks and that the two goals weren't all that shocking to see out of him.

// MLS //

24 under 24 podcast, who will headline the list |

Interesting seeing Fabian Castillo on the headline image for this but I would imagine that only means he'll be somewhere in the top 10.

Thanks for NY's draw, Montreal advances in CCL |

Yes, as wild as it sounds, the Impact are through to the quarterfinals in the CCL.

Defoe remains committed to TFC |

Of course Jermain Defoe is going to come out and say he is still committed to TFC. But my money is he'll be gone in January.

Orlando feels drafty |

Orlando City won probably the better end of the Expansion Priority Draft yesterday with NYCFC. They'll have the top picks in the Expansion, SuperDraft and the NASL/USL priority list. The best part of all of this drafting drafts was seeing Jason Kreis pick the wrong thing midway through it. That may have been the only thing that made this entertaining.

Kreis denies rumors of Lampard not joining NYCFC in January |

Apparently the bosses in Manchester want to keep Frank Lampard in England until closer to March and not January but Kreis doesn't see that happening. Alright then.

Unpacking Don Garbers' comments on single entity | Brotherly Game

A fairly interesting piece that looks at some comments made over the years by Garber on the league's set up.

Conversation with Paul Bravo | Burgundy Wave

Really cool that the Colorado blog got a nice long chat with the Rapids' TD here. Really good questions asked and some interesting responses too.

State of the MLS with five weeks left | Sounder at Heart

This doesn't include last night's win over Seattle but I would imagine the percentage is as close to 100% as it possibly can be here for FCD.

10 soccer documentaries you haven't seen | Paste Magazine

You may have seen one or two on this list already but I think I know what I am doing with my free time this weekend.

That is all for now, feel free to comment below on the items above and any other things you have on your mind.