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Report: Club America interested in Fabian Castillo

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Could FC Dallas make a big transfer for the young Colombian?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The summer of Fabian Castillo didn't go unnoticed outside of Major League Soccer. Several clubs have been keeping an eye on the young Colombian from what I've been told but the biggest name to be dropped came this morning from Fox Deportes' Eric Gomez.

That last tweet is certainly the most interesting of the bunch from Gomez. FC Dallas has Castillo on a fairly long-term contract at the moment (two years left on his current deal) so saying they can rip him away with simple yes seems a bit crazy just on a first impression.

FC Dallas and MLS almost always go into these kinds of transfer discussion with a lot of thinking as to how much the player wants the deal and how well it will benefit the team (and league) if they go through with it. Look at the George John transfer a couple years ago for instance or even further back to when the league and New England denied Taylor Twellman a transfer to Europe.

FC Dallas will almost certainly make sure the deal is good for Castillo, meaning they'll say this over and over again until they get the best deal possible on the transfer end.

That being said, it will be interesting to see what type of transfer fee FCD is expecting for Castillo at the moment. Given how well Colombia did at the World Cup this year, nearly any quality young Colombians are at a premium on the transfer market, even the ones like Castillo that were no where near Brazil this summer. Basically they're the trendy nation to get players from at the moment.

This will almost certainly be a topic of discussion all post-season and winter for the club. Given how well his season has gone this year and if he returns to full health before the playoffs and continues scoring, both FCD and Castillo could be in for a nice payday.