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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Sounders come to town today for a big match.

I mean just look at that hair. And that beard.
I mean just look at that hair. And that beard.
Joosep Martinson

It is game day in Dallas as the Hoops will host the Sounders tonight. We'll dive into all the previews today but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Infographic time |

It looks like the FCD digital department has decided to start doing some infographics before matches. I think I saw one before last weekend's game too.

Keys to the match |

Daniel and Scott give you the three big talking points for tonight's game.

// MLS //

Toronto breaks ground on expanding BMO Field |

Holy smokes, phase 1 and 2 look ridiculous (in a good way here). Finally a proper looking stadium for that club. Maybe by the time it is done they'll have a proper looking team to put on that field.

Phase three has the Argos | Waking the Red

As great as this upgraded stadium looks, getting a CFL team to share it with seems like a bad prize at the end of it all. I know everyone hates football lines on soccer fields but I may be one of the few that is mentally over that whole situation. It is what it is and if the MLS side is making money off of it somehow, then I can't argue all that much with it.

The worth of academies in MLS |

Some really good points as the MLS site gears up to release their annual 24 under 24 list. I really like that last line in this piece too, stadiums helped MLS survive while academies will help MLS thrive. So damn true.

Union to reportedly remove interim tag from Curtin | Brotherly Game

I have to say, it is about damn time for them to make Jim Curtin the official head coach.

Burning it all down, the case for starting over fresh | The Goat Parade

Man, the folks over at the Goat Parade are killing it as of late with their material on the potential hiatus for CUSA. Lots of good talking points and this latest one was all about starting fresh.

LA considering a pitch for Pirlo | LAG Confidential

Uh, yes please. LA please go after Andrea Pirlo. Even at his age he'd be worth having in MLS. I mean if you're going to replace Landon Donovan, that is a pretty solid person to go after.

There is a hidden message in the Quakes new stadium |

Of course someone in Silicon Valley developed a hidden message in design of the new Quakes stadium. It has to do with the seat pattern. Just yeah...I don't know what else to say about this.

That is it for this morning, feel free to discuss this and tonight's game here today. Are you planning on tailgating early for tonight's game? Discuss that and more below.