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View From the East: Better Than Expected

FC Dallas started a patchwork line up as Oscar Pareja looked to rotate the squad before the boys' crucial midweek meeting with the Seattle Sounders.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully, the game Saturday night was on TXA 21! If you were watching it on MLS Live though you got the annoying announcers from LA Galaxy who are the most biased in the league if you're not counting Houston's duo. LA Galaxy have been on a tear and FCD searching to get a surprise 3 points on the road in Carson California. Castillo, Hedges both sat out for this one with Hollingshead and Watson taking their respective places.

Line-up and Opening Minutes

Seeing the line-up made me assume we were going to leak more than a few goals. Je-Vaughn Watson and Zach Loyd pairing up, that's 2 of our right backs playing as our central defenders against the striking pair of Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan. With Kellyn Acosta that meant there were 3 players on the field all who play right back. The assumption I'm guessing was that Pareja wanted to not get caught on the counter, so he put out the quickest backline he could. Which it worked, but just in that regard. LA Galaxy were absolutely dominating this match in the opening half, corner after corner, saving block after saving block from the valiant defense kept LA out. It was difficult to watch seeing FC Dallas just get dominated all over the field and unable to get anything going. The 1 shot on goal we had resulted in a goal, we had just 1 shot on goal. Then some lapses in concentration on the part of FC Dallas defense put this game to rest.

Just Mistakes

The effort was great, and it really looked like the team could pull something out of this game. But in the end the patchwork central defense just wasn't enough to hold off the LAG attack. Two key mistakes as Ulloa lost the ball instead of booting it out inside his own penalty box, and our makeshift CBs could not mark big man Alan Gordon for the winning goal. It feels like this game was so close that if we had started our strongest XI we would've had a really good chance of winning this one. Hedges and Castillo out there surely would've turned the tide.

My most exciting player to watch award this game goes to Raul Fernandez. There was not much from the outfield players, but Raul Fernandez made 5 saves and was under pressure for most of the game like most of our backline. Runner up has to go to Zach Loyd who seems to be the best at last ditch saving tackles, he's made dozens of them without conceding a penalty or dangerous foul.

What did y'all think of our squad rotation, I mean, at least we have rotation now under Pareja right? Was Raul your most exciting player to watch, or Zach Loyd? Could we have done more had we started our main starters?