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San Antonio unveils stadium expansion plans

A third Texas MLS team could be a bigger reality if these plans go through.

Courtesy of San Antonio Scorpions

Major League Soccer fans in Texas could indeed see another team join the mix as the league continues to expand. On Tuesday, the ownership group of the NASL's San Antonio Scorpions unveiled their latest stadium expansion plans that hint at a possible run at a MLS team.

"The escalating interest in the Scorpions and professional soccer over the past two years has been mind-boggling," said Gordon Hartman, who launched Soccer for a Cause to bring pro soccer to San Antonio and benefit the special-needs community. "We are blessed to be a franchise playing in the North American Soccer League, however we must be prepared to expand once support and investment are secured to allow for additional opportunities.

"We want to be ready to take our venue to the next level as fan and sponsor support in soccer continues to grow. The recent World Cup competition serves as a great example that the most popular sport internationally is gaining even more popularity all over the globe including San Antonio and South Texas."

Not only does the expansion plans call for an additional 10,000 seats but it includes roof over most of its' sections, a major increases in concessions, merchandising areas and the number of luxury suites and other amenities available to season-ticket holders and other VIPs.

Estimated to cost between $38 to 45 million, the project would add 10,000 seats to the stadium's current capacity of 9,000 and upgrade field lighting for improved television broadcasts. It even includes a "high-powered beam of light" which would project into the night sky over San Antonio during Scorpions matches and change colors when the home team scores.

The other good news for fans in South Texas is that Hartman is also coming out publicly about how good their chances are too right now. A lot of that stems from the fact that they have more investors coming on board.

What do you think of this stadium news in San Antonio?