Expansion Draft Protection Talk Part 2

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Given that the roster freeze happened the other day, I thought I'd update my expansion protection list here on Big D. I asked Dan Hunt on his most recent FB chat on how the upcoming expansion draft was altering player moves for the team and this was his response:

"We have put a lot of thought into this and Oscar is very prepared for the expansion draft. Assuming all things stay equal we already have our plan in place. You ask a great question here."

Looking at the way the roster is setup, I tend to believe him. That said, let's remember the rules.


*Existing teams are allowed to protect 11 players from their rosters. Generation Adidas players were automatically protected.

*Homegrown players on the team's off-budget roster were automatically protected and did not count against each team's 11 protected roster spots.

*Teams can lose no more than two players.

My picks:

Exempt: Moises Hernandez, Kellyn Acosta, Danny Garcia, Jonathan Top, Jesse Gonzalez, Victor Ulloa, Walker Zimmerman (GA), Coy Craft.

Protected: Matt Hedges, David Texeira (DP), Fabian Castillo, Mauro Diaz (DP), Hendry Thomas, Tesho Akindele, Raul Fernandez, Ryan Hollingshead, Chris Seitz, Andres Escobar (DP), Zach Loyd.

Unprotected: Blas Perez, George John, Jair Benitez, Nick Walker, Michel, Peter Luccin, Adam Moffat, Je-Vaughn Watson, Stephen Keel, Walter Cabrera, Cobi Span.


I did put Zach Loyd on the protected list. His recent form has been remarkable. Him and Matt have made the kind of partnership that we have been waiting for in the center of our defense.

Let's not forget, even if a player is chosen, it doesn't mean they will play for OCSC or NYCFC. Of the last three expansion teams, only six players selected suited up for Montreal, five for Portland, and five for Vancouver. Philadelphia seemed to be the exception as all 10 of their picks at least made at least one appearance for their squad. Teams typically pick for assets and trade them accordingly. With these two teams however, I expect a few of their expansion picks to be traded for international slots. Escpecially NYCFC if they expect to bring over Man City kiddos.

Predictions: My money is on George John being selected by Orlando City and traded to the Vancouver WhiteCaps. They have had problems with their CB spots ever since Jay Demerit went down. This could be a fresh start for George to kickstart his career healthy and ready to go alot like Chad Marshall has done this year with Seattle. Plus, it's not very far from his hometown. I think this scenario makes a lot of sense.

Another possibility is for Orlando to pick Cobi Span. Let not forget, he has been there on loan this year and from what I've read, he's done quite well. From my perspective, it's been a race between him and Hollingshead for the last player protected. Given Ryan's recent playing time, you have to think he is in the driver seat. However, if Clavijo and Co. suspect that they may take Span, it may be better to go to the trade table to get something in return before the draft than lose him for nothing.

Community question: Is it too much to protect two GKs? Should we leave one unprotected and play it safe by protecting Blas?