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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, September 18, 2014

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The minimalist wins out in the league's new look.

The weekend approaches as FC Dallas is getting set to take on the LA Galaxy on Saturday. Until then we have some morning links to get you to today.

// FC Dallas //

Photos from the #BR19 walk |

There was definitely a great crowd last week supporting the Bobby Rhine team at the Dallas Heart Walk.

FCD looks to Perez not only for goals but his leadership |

He didn't become the main team captain but he certainly acts like a good one in the locker room.

// MLS //

MLS Next |

The next phase of the league includes a new look. Yes, a new logo. I'm still trying to feel this one out as to whether or not I like it. Part of me was very partial to the old logo, probably because I've been following this league since day one I feel as though I should like that logo. I may dive into this subject later today. What do you all think?

Out with the old, in with the new logo |

I knew Brian Status would be one of the first to react to the logo change. Good work from him.

Announcements looming in Miami? |

One of the Miami owners with David Beckham is saying an announcement is on the way. Could they finally have a stadium deal done? We'll see.

Sacramento reveals new stadium renderings |

Speaking of stadiums, here is a live and potentially real stadium that could be built in Sacramento. I think it is rather simple and lovely.

Colorado partnering up with new Charlotte team | Charlotte Observer

Very interesting turn of evens in the MLS-USL affiliation game. Most believed Colorado would partner up next year with the new team in Colorado Springs. Instead they pick a club on the other side of the country. I always did think that the Colorado Springs team would be a sleeper pick for FCD.

Zardes looking to break through to the USMNT |

You have to think it will happen sooner rather than later.

That is it for the morning, share you thoughts on the items above.