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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Sounders win their fourth USOC title.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Really no shocker there last night in Philadelphia as the Union couldn't hold off the Sounders. But more on that in a moment, here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD stays put at roster freeze | Dallas Morning News

As we all expected (or at least we all should have), FC Dallas stayed put at Monday's roster freeze.

Social Media recap from Saturday |

Lots of good photos from this one, including some solid Tifo on display.

// MLS //

Sounders late surge snatches their fourth USOC title | Sounder at Heart

Four titles in six years. That is pretty darn impressive.

Seattle looks to add to trophy pile this season |

Can the Sounders be the first treble winners? I think they'll get at least one more title in that run, most likely being the Supporters' Shield. Winning last night was a good thing for those in pursuit of a CCL berth next year. The more Seattle wins, the more slots that actually open up for other sides. Though FCD needs a MLS Cup run to get one of those berths.

Whitecaps' USL PRO team in trouble |

Sounds like Vancouver will have to figure something new out as to where they might play their USL team next year.

Arena receives fine over Kljestan comments | LAG Confidential

Bruce was pissed about not getting Sasha Kljestan on loan for six months. At the end of the day I wonder, what good would that move have really been for either side? If you think about it, if LA (or even FCD since they wanted him too), didn't make the MLS Cup, that would have been a fairly wasted six months. Not to mention if say one of the teams crashed out in the first round of the playoffs, that would have meant he really came here for four months or four months and a week. Lame.

MLS to switch to 25-man rosters? Don't count on it | RSL Soapbox

Some very interesting comments in this one, I think we'll still see some roster expansion next year with two new clubs and the with more teams venturing into the USL game. It only makes sense to have some more flexibility. It likely means that 10-man development roster that teams have had gets shrunken down a hair.

Lots of fouls in MLS...lots of them | The MLS Grinder

Last one for the morning is an interesting topic of discussion. Is MLS too physical? I'd argue yes on that just without any facts in front of me. But I also think there are more parts to this argument so this article does some of that for me.

Alright folks, comment below on what you've seen here and enjoy the day.