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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Game Grades

FCD got back to winning ways behind a Blas Perez brace. Which players stood out and which player could have lost his place in the starting XI?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez 6

For a game where Fernandez only had one save and conceded a goal a 6 may be pushing it, but that one save was crucial early on and if he wasn't there the result could have gone the other way.

Moises Hernandez 4

It was a tough 45 minute shift for the homegrown left-back who made his return to the starting XI after an injury spell. Mo seemed to be a step behind on every play and fell to the turf on several occasions where he could have made a better play on the ball. It may be Jair's spot to lose again next week.

Zach Loyd 5.5

Loyd had a solid game except on the Vancouver goal from Erik Hurtado. He was caught with his body closed off from the outside and that let Hurtado slip in and put Vancouver back in the game.

Matt Hedges 5.5

Hedges looked like Hedges for most of the game, but one extremely dangerous giveaway in the second half was a huge knock on his score as a centerback giving the ball up with only 1 player behind him can and will result in a goal fairly often.

Je-Vaughn Watson 6

This has got to be Watson's best position (Right Back.) He was awful at CDM, inconsistent as can be at RM, but has finally found a consistent home at RB and hasn't shown Acosta an inch of room playing time wise.

Andres Escobar 4.5

It's been a rough year for Manga here in Frisco and this match wasn't anything stellar. He didn't really create much in the attack, but he didn't cause any harm defensively either. Poor game for any player, nevertheless one that has such a high salary for MLS.

Victor Ulloa 7.5

Victor Ulloa... I don't really know what to say. He's easily become a fan favorite and I will be purchasing a jersey with his name on it very soon. I hope every FC Dallas fan tells his story for generations. Oh about his play? He effectively shut down Rosales every time it was his job to do so. Unfortunately it wasn't his job to mark him on their goal. Great game from the homegrown and even looked solid in the attack.

Michel 6.5

Although Michel didn't score or even get an assist today, it was still his free kick that the second goal came off of. For whatever reason his free kicks, even when miss-hit, seem to wreak havoc. I'm glad he wears the red, white and blue and not any other teams colors.

Fabian Castillo 6.5

Castillo was dangerous all night and the fact that Vancouver had to keep a set of eyes, or two, on him at all times really opened up the attack for Perez. Castillo may not have scored in the last couple games, but I'm sure he will soon.

Tesho Akindele 5

Not the rookie's best game of the season, but he is so important to the lineup because he stretches the defense leaving space for Perez to come in late. He's out of form, but hopefully he finds his feet in time for the playoffs.

Blas Perez 8.5

270 minutes in a week. 4 goals. I want to give him a 10, but I can't do that based on other games. He would have a 9 if not for the sitter he missed by not being on his toes in the 76th minute.

Oscar Pareja 7

Nothing special in the lineup and the subs were fairly standard, but 3 points is 3 points and that gets Papi a positive review.


Jair Benitez 5.5

Interesting how this works. Last week Hernandez came on for Beni and look better, this week it's the opposite. I'm not sure who should have the starting place as the season winds down. Benitez did fail to communicate with Loyd on the goal, but made up for it with a huge tackle a couple minutes later. He also had the hardest task, that being subbing on as a defender.

Mauro Diaz 7

What Mauro brings to this team is unbelievable. His passing ability and vision is better than that of David Ferreira, he just needs to get 90 minutes fit and stay healthy. He was magnificent in his 35 minute shift making several passes no one else in the league would make, especially one to Fabian who was in on goal.

Kellyn Acosta N/A

Only played 8 minutes, but any minutes are good for a young player that is the future of this team.