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View From The East Stand: GOLAZO!!

A night to remember as the Vancouver Whitecaps came to town and stumbled once again in Dallas with 2 fortunate strikes from our favorite man from Panama.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

"Man what a terrible cross OH MY LORD THAT WENT IN!" - My exact thoughts as Blas Perez sent the ball hopelessly into the box while being defended only to score the assured goal of the week. It was a surprisingly chilly night in Frisco as the Vancouver Whitecaps brought their cold Canadian weather with them on their visit. The crowd size responded to this being the first night in a long while that it wasn't super hot and humid outside and a nice sized crowd filled the seats in all sections of the stadium. Long lines again plagued the north side as it took me a few minutes just to get in, as opposed to most times where I could just walk up and immediately get scanned in, Good sign that FC Dallas' crowds are growing from what I can tell.


Man that first half was sloppy though, give away after give away, it seemed like the team hadn't played together in months! Nothing was connecting and there were a couple giveaways in our own half that I believe we were lucky not to be punished for. The main eyesores were Ulloa and Moises giving it away in a very consistent manner all throughout the first half. Then Blas sent in a mishit cross into the area that just happened to float past goalkeeper David Ousted and into the far corner of the net. I think the whole crowd paused for a second once it hit the net, almost as to say "wait, does that count?" haha. Thankfully it did and it was a wonder of a goal. Goal of the year for FC Dallas maybe?

Zach Loyd

Can we go ahead and start counting how many goal-saving slide tackles this out of position stalwart has made so far this season?! Upon seeing the Vancouver goal on replay I'm not sure I could fault Loyd on it, it'd be a harsh call to fault him. Great show from the defense all around and it looks as if we're going to close the season out with Zach Loyd being next to our captain Matt Hedges back there. I wouldn't mind that at all though, no complaints here.

My most exciting player to watch award goes to none other than our 2 goal hero Blas Perez. He really did the goal scoring himself today. The first goal was all him, and the 2nd goal was also him being in the right place at the right time and keeping a cool head on the finish. Of course the team won the game, but those two goals were straight from the Panamanian's pocket and handed us a glorious 3 points.

Nice weather for a soccer game, how did everyone like the cool night? What a wonder goal, were you cursing Perez until it hit the back of the net like I was? Do the crowds seem to just keep increasing? Or is that just my high hopes on attendance? Let me know in the comments below!