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Big D Daily: News for Friday, September 12, 2014

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The weekend is here as FC Dallas hosts Vancouver on Saturday.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Some how this week has blown by here for me. FC Dallas returns to action tomorrow night and honestly that couldn't come a minute sooner. But first we have some morning links to discuss.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja sees Zimmerman returning this season | Soccerly

That's great but the bigger question is can he stay healthy for more than a single game or two? It always seems with him that the minute he is finally healthy, something comes up again, usually with his hamstrings.

Playoff picture |

Here is another playoff update, this time from the club. I'll continue to beat this drum for the rest of the year, you win those home games and everything else will take care of itself for getting into the playoffs.

// MLS //

Garber staying put until 2018 |

Great news to hear that MLS has locked up Don Garber for another few years. But even bigger news is that he is now cancer free. Huge congrats to him on that.

Oral history of KC's road trip from hell in 2001 |

If you have time for a longer read this morning, check this one out.

LA2 Wishlist, making use of the USL PRO agreement | The Goat Parade

This one is sort of something FCD fans can relate to at the moment. Chivas fans want to see whatever their team becomes in the next year to be one that actually uses the USL PRO agreement. Last year Chivas didn't even play in the Reserve League so taking a step forward into any kind of partnership is going to be big for them.

MLS hoping to rekindle the Portland magic in Orlando | Orlando Sentienel

Orlando believes they are the Portland of the East...or at least of Florida. Alright then, all I can say is prove it folks. Sell out all your games and have a massive wait list for season tickets.

Mexican club trains with...wolf masks? |

I only include this because it involves my favorite Chivas USA manager of all-time, yes I am talking about Chelis or Jose Luis Sanchez Sola if you know him by his full name.

Philly re-signs Ray Gaddis | Brotherly Game

This one I include for a couple reasons. One, I'm happy to see a guy from my alma mater (WVU) get a new deal in MLS. But furthermore, it is interesting to see anyone re-sign right now in MLS with a pending CBA agreement coming up later this year. You'd think players would wait to re-sign to new deals until they know what kind of potential new money they could be earning. In a small way that makes me glad Fernando Clavijo has always stated that he won't do contract extensions during the season.

Alright, that is all from me on this Friday morning. Feel free to discuss the links above and anything else you might find out there.