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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 8, 2014

FCD's first home in a couple weeks is nearly here.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like ages since FC Dallas was last at Toyota Stadium for a regular season game. We'll have plenty of previews for tomorrow's clash but first some morning links to finish off the week.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja sees a difference in Sanchez since his return | Soccerly

I think it is good to hear that Richard Sanchez is reenergized by being back in Frisco for the time being. At least he realizes that he has a better shot of getting minutes here right now than in Mexico.

Thoughts on Saturday's 'six-pointer' |

Get used to hearing the phrase 'six-pointer' a lot between now and the end of the season. Outside of one game, pretty much the rest of the matches are these 'six-pointers'.

// MLS //

Donovan announces his retirement |

It was all down to passion for Landon Donovan. I can't blame him for wanting to hang it up after this year if his passion for the game has gone a bit.

LA's remaining schedule for Donovan's retirement tour |

He does come to Dallas one more time. That October game will be huge for many reasons, now adding this element to it. Let us not forget that Donovan has scored more goals in his career against Dallas than any other club.

Donovan states US snub played no role |

Good to hear that as well but you have to get a sense that even if he says it didn't that it probably did.

Donovan is American soccer |

Great piece here from the SBN gang. I agree to what MLS commissioner Garber said as well, Donovan is the Jordan, Gretzky, and Woods of MLS. Or something like that.

Winners and losers of the summer window |

I can't disagree to much on here. I still don't think the Union did enough to make themselves a playoff team this year but that conference is majorly weak at the moment so anything is possible.

Mix Diskerud is an active Big Soccer user |

Why didn't Diskerud come to MLS? He will explain on Big Soccer of all places. I'll admit, this was one way to get me to read something on that site for the first time in years.