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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The 2014 All-Star festivities are tonight in MLS.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes will be on Portland for the day and night as MLS handles their business at the All-Star game. But first we dive into some links to get the morning started.

// FC Dallas //

A look at the 12 HGPs in FCD history |

Here is a good look at all the HGPs in the club's history. I'm hoping to get around to an update on who could be next in line for a HGP spot down the road here sometime this week or next week.

Getting to know Peter Luccin |

I really do like these short interviews with the players that the club website has been doing lately. This one is all about our favorite French veteran, Peter Luccin.

Loyd named to MLS team of the week |

Good to see some more recognition from others around the league for what Zach Loyd has been doing as of late.

// MLS //

Tons of nuggets from the league's deputy commissioner |

Seriously, there is a TON in this one. From expansion, to salary cap, the upcoming CBA discussions, to international calendar switches. You could make about 10 separate articles alone with these quotes. Enjoy.

Pro/Rel will never happen |

One of those nuggets our pals at SBNation's soccer hub already pulled out to discuss was about promotion and relegation. Just like I've always said, it would never happen in MLS. The league is pretty much now saying that as well.

Chivas USA remains in limbo | Fox Soccer

We mentioned the price tag yesterday but here is a more in-depth look at where things stand.

Some All-Stars would like the switch back to East v West |

I think before long it will happen again, even if it is just a one-off type thing.

Team of stars against a team of All-Stars |

Good stuff to get you ready for tonight's game in Portland here.

Stats of the MLS - Lots of weeks to go | Sounder at Heart

Want to know some projections for the remainder of the season, here is a decent start. It also talks about remaining schedule strength which we knew going into this would be tough in the final stretch for FCD, this just about confirms that with numbers.

Montreal wins in CCL opener |

I totally forgot that the CCL kicked off this week. Good to see that the regular season form that Montreal was carrying didn't screw things up in the CCL.

Sky won fall if the Red Bulls don't spend | Once a Metro

I still find it hard to believe that they haven't filled that third DP slot. It just seems bonkers for that club but they've proven that it can work this way.

Green hoping to use ASG as a springboard | Fox Soccer

I really hope we get to see plenty of Julian Green tonight in the ASG. Part of me really wants him to score for Bayern.