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FC Dallas vs Chivas USA: Game grades

Three more points in the bank for FCD but how did each player do on Sunday night?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 6

Honestly, Raul didn't have to do a ton in this one. He helped keep his defense organized for the duration of the match and really only had to make one or two actual stops in this one. I will say some of his passing out of the back was poor and could use some extra work but over all it was not a bad evening for Fernandez.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 6

Another game at right back for Watson. More and more I am starting to think that may be his better position moving forward in his career. He defends well, has good pace and most importantly he knows when to get forward at the right moments.

Zach Loyd - 9

High marks for not only playing out of position on the night but playing very well. He was our man of the match for good reason too. He compliments Matt Hedges well enough that you forget that he isn't a natural CB.

Matt Hedges - 7

Just another night at the office for Hedges. He defended Erick Torres about as well as anyone in this league has this season.

Moises Hernandez - 7

More good stuff from the Dallas homegrown. He owned the left side of the field as he got forward at the right moments and is really starting to look dangerous in the attack. But his recovery speed on the flank is still something to marvel at. The kid just has some serious wheels.

Andres Escobar - 3

Not his best effort in 45 minutes of work. You have to wonder if his knee injury from a week and a half ago is weighing on his mind a bit.

Adam Moffat - 5

Kind of a ho-hum day for Moffat in the middle of the park. Didn't do a ton but also didn't give up a ton of mistakes either.

Victor Ulloa - 6

He continues to do the little things that just make you smile. Oscar Pareja has found a guy he can trust in the middle of the park and doesn't shy away from being the one guy to make sure the defense isn't under constant pressure.

Fabian Castillo - 7

He wasn't totally there in the first half but around the 30th minute or so he finally got going here. His speed was naturally an issue for a slower defense like Chivas. But that run at the end of the game showed exactly what why he is so dangerous on the ball and his run off the ball once he gave it up was impressive too. Still a shame he didn't score on that play.

Tesho Akindele - 7

Another goal for the rookie. He continues to be in the right spots at the right time. His workrate is impressive too.

Blas Perez - 7

Another game that you saw his effort and workrate standout again. He does lose the ball at times in the midfield or doesn't make the best of runs but what he does bring is a tireless effort for the time that he is on the field.

Oscar Pareja - 7

His starting lineup was a little questionable but in the end it worked. I would have liked to see him go to his bench a little sooner to close out the game but that really isn't a big deal when the team on the field is controlling things.


Mauro Diaz - 5

Still not nearly as effective as you'd like. He had his moments that you thought "oh that's the Mauro we know" but there were times in the second half that I totally forgot he was on the field. With that thought, I think he shouldn't be a starter just yet again but at this point it is a "with Oscar I trust" kind of thing.

Michel - N/A

Came on late, didn't do anything bad.

Walker Zimmerman - N/A

Another late sub, he may have had a touch on the ball. Honestly it didn't matter at that point.